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 June 27

by Carolina

Ben Affleck’s 10-year-old son jumped into the driver’s seat of a Lamborghini vehicle that had the engine running, after he was there, he put the car in reverse which hit another car that was passing by.

Ben and Jennifer were there

Both Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were visiting a luxury car rental dealership with Ben and Jenifer Gardner’s son Samuel Garner Affleck. They were looking at other cars while the yellow Lambo’s engine was still running, when the car was put in reverse it hit a white BMW of the same size to only scratch it with the latter part of the vehicle.

Thank heavens for bumpers

Because of the security bumpers from each car, there were no major damages and it was just a minor dent with nobody getting hurt or even in danger. After hitting the BMW, Sam got out of the car to see the damage that he had caused.

Ben’s people spoke out

Jennifer Lopez announces engagement to Ben Affleck

A source close to the Good Will Hunting star reached out to TMZ and he mentioned that there was no problem at all and that everyone was okay.

The dealership made a statement

The name of the luxury car rental establishment is 777 Exotics and a representative of the company has made public that there was no accident to report to the police or insurance companies, the cars were parked very close to each other and there were no more problems other than a small dent that can be easily repaired which most likely Ben Affleck won’t have a problem covering in case that the company requires it.

Lesson learned

At the end of the day fortunately it was just a hiccup that most likely will be a lesson learned for young Sam.

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