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 August 4

by Carolina

Barack Obama has “significantly reduced” his 60th birthday party due to concerns about COVID-19.

Former U.S. President and his wife Michelle plan to celebrate an important day next weekend at a family mansion in Martha’s Vineyard with a large guest list, including friends, family and former staff. However, it is now being reduced.

Family spokeswoman Hannah Hankins told PEOPLE magazine:

“With the new spread of Delta variants last week [former] President Obama and his wife have decided to significantly reduce the event to include only family and close friends.

“He is grateful that others have sent birthday wishes from afar and is looking forward to seeing people soon.”

Even before the event was scaled down, Barack didn’t ask for a gift because he wanted to donate to the Obama Foundation’s charitable project.

An open-air rally was held next weekend, informing guests that they would need to be tested for coronavirus and that medical professionals would oversee the event to ensure that the pandemic protocol was followed.

Insiders recently said: “Instead of gifts, guests ask to consider donating to a program that supports colored boys and young men and their families in their homes in the United States, empowers and equips adolescent girls around the world. The next generation of emerging community leaders, including the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, the Girls Opportunity Alliance, or the Obama Foundation’s Global Leadership program. “

Obama, meanwhile, recently claimed that he sometimes “can’t tell” people about aliens.

A politician at the White House between 2009 and 2017 told talk show host James Corden, “As for aliens, there are some things I can’t tell you on the air.” ..

But he revealed that when he first became president, he asked if there was a secret laboratory where he needed to know that he was hiding alien information.

He explained: “When I took office, is there any lab that stores alien specimens and spacecraft?

“They did a little research and the answer is no, but it’s true, and I’m really serious about it here. There are footage and recordings of objects in the sky, and they’re exactly what they are. I don’t know .. “

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