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 January 24

by Carolina

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These local celebs see no pride in the day.

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As January 26 approaches, a number of Australian celebrities are beginning to speak out against the day and what it represents.

WATCH BELOW: Pat Cash says he won’t be celebrating Australia Day 

January 26 is a national public holiday (now often referred to as Invasion Day) which commemorates the landing of the First Fleet in Australia.

However, a vocal movement from the Australian Indigenous community and their allies have been asking for years for the date to be changed, given the day also symbolises the beginning of years of systemic racism and oppression of First Nations people.

Many local celebrities have gotten on board with the cause, sharing their disdain for the nation-wide celebrations on social media.

Here are some of the celebrities speaking out against celebrations on the 26th in 2022.



Ben Lawson

Australian actor Ben Lawson made his frustration with the day known on Monday, taking to Instagram to re-post a poem he wrote and performed on social media last year.

The video, captioned ‘The 26th of January: A poem for Australia Day ❤️💛🖤’, features Ben speaking the three-minute poem to the camera. Lines like ‘We know the drill, things went downhill when white men first arrived, don’t focus on the bad bits though, it’s just some genocide,” made his strong feelings about the day known.

You can watch his poem below.



Brooke Blurton

The most recent Bachelorette is a vocal advocate against January 26 and what it represents. A Noongar Yamatji woman, Brooke has also begun to share posts in opposition to the day.

Also taking to her stories, Brookes hared a video from Dalara Williams that encapsulates a range of footage of Indigenous Australians throughout the last few decades, overlayed with the voices of Indigenous people speaking about the unfair way they have been treated.

Brooke also shared a caption on a post written by human rights activist Nessa Turnbull Roberts, who shared an image of herself at an Invasion Day rally.

“January 26th It’s political, it’s personal, it’s Collective and it’s one of the most horrific days for our nation,” she wrote.

“Show up on the right side of history and truth,” she encouraged people.

Erin Christie

Erin Christie is a writer at WHO (digital), keeping across pop culture, reality TV (especially Survivor), and the occasional fashion trend.

Original posted at www.who.com.au

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