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 October 6

by Carolina

Anderson Cooper says Instagram makes him feel depressed.

A 54-year-old CNN presenter admits that he enjoys the elements of a social media platform that shares photos and videos, but he often feels worse about his life than when he logs in.

“I use Instagram and enjoy it. I follow my friends, visit art sites, etc. But it makes me depressed, which means I feel worse than when I got on it. Become. “

The presenter spoke with Jennifer Grigiel, an associate professor of communications at Syracuse University, on his show Anderson Cooper 360 about the impact of social media on teens.

She told Anderson: “What we see on Instagram is an imminent threat to teenagers. I’m seeing self-harm. I’m talking about hunger … teenagers are cutting themselves down.”

Anderson reported today that the report “condemns Instagram for increasing rates of anxiety and depression,” claiming that the findings are “consistent without prompts across all groups.” He continued to admit that he was sympathetic to teenagers.

“I feel sick about my life and can’t imagine what a teenager feels. That is, I’m probably an adult. Some kids see and feel the lives of others, Your life looks much more exciting than you do. “

Interviews claimed that the findings of a report released by Facebook whistleblowers admitted that nearly one-third of the girls asked questioned their body image after using the Instagram platform. It was done.

“32% of teenage girls say Instagram feels sick when they feel sick.”

Anderson Cooper: Instagram Depresses Me | Celebrities

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