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 May 27

by Carolina

Scott Disick “brightens” Amelia Hamlin’s life.

The 19-year-old actress describes him as “the most compassionate, affectionate, and special person on the planet,” and sweetens his boyfriend on Wednesday (26.05.21) to celebrate his 38th birthday. I sent a compliment.

In a soaring post on Instagram, she wrote: “Happy birthday, my love. You brighten my life and make my world better. I can’t imagine what I would do without you. Thank you for being you. The most compassionate There is a special person I love on this planet. I am very lucky. I am very fortunate to meet you. I love you. “

Scott is very close to his former partner Kourtney Kardashian, but Amelia is not “distressed” by Scott and his former friendship. Mason (11 years old), Penelope (8 years old), Rain (6 years old).

One source said, “Amelia isn’t bothered by Courtney. Scott and Amelia spend a lot of time together and enjoy spending time with their friends.

“Their relationship is getting hot and it’s completely clear that they’re serious. Scott’s relationship with Amelia spends more time with Amelia than Courtney, in that he spends more time with him last time. Is different. Sophia [Richie] I was jealous of my relationship with Courtney, but this time it’s okay. “

Sophia and Scott reportedly disagreed with a reality star who maintained a friendship with Courtney.

At the time, the insider said, “Sophia and Scott had to navigate many issues together through their relationship. It was no secret that there were ups and downs when it came to Courtney. Courtney and Scott approached and the children , Sophia had a big problem with that. She was sometimes jealous of Courtney thinking she had lost him …

“Sophia isn’t surprised that Scott shared the issue of his relationship with the Kardashian family and publicly announced it at the show. She wanted it to remain private, but they split. I knew when it would happen. Sophia went on and put the drama behind her. At this point, they couldn’t come back together. “

Amelia Hamlin’s Sweet Birthday Tribute to Scott Disick | Celebrities

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