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 July 6

by Carolina

Amanda Kloots sent a moving compliment to Nick Cordero’s first anniversary after his death.

“Talk” panelists emotionally reflected how her “greatest horror” came true when the Broadway star died in July 2021 after fighting the coronavirus, but died. I thank my husband for continuing to look for her and her two-year-old son Elvis. He’s gone.

She wrote on Instagram: A year ago you left us and became our angel in heaven. You were surrounded by a lot of love and Led Zeppelin playing on Spotify-definitely it was you, not me.

“I couldn’t think of what happened. Losing you was my greatest fear. I always told you,’Don’t go anywhere. If I lose you, I I don’t know what to do.

“I never missed, thought, or talked about this year. Thank you for being a guardian angel, signing me, and being my DJ in heaven. You I think there are only two people. “Away. (Sic) “

Amanda is always grateful for “a few years” with Nick, who married in September 2017.

“We spent only a few years together, but they were full of love, laughter, adventure, dreams, change and growth. It’s my” Nick era “and will last forever. .. “

Amanda recently admitted that she was crying every day after Nick died.

She said: “Many people told me,’It will be easier and time will help’, and I’m not sure if I’ve found it yet. I still cry pretty much every day. It’s getting more and more painful … I think it’s easier because I learn tools to help myself and at first I don’t know those tools yet

“In the case of Elvis, there’s a lot he does and there’s something in life that you want to celebrate with. It’s a difficult place because you miss you so much. think.”

Amanda Kloots pays homage to Nick Cordero | Celebrities

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