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 May 20

by Carolina

Hell, let’s just rename the red carpet ‘The Cher Show’

Digital Beauty Editor / May 20 2021

People have been doing impressions of Cher for decades now; after all, her style, voice and persona all fall under ‘completely legendary’. Long story short, nothing goes off at karaoke like “Believe, and nothing says ’70s chic like her iconic waist-length mane.

Just like you’d recognise her undeniably unique singing tone anywhere, you know a Cher beauty look when you see it, too. Because when something’s that iconic, you can spot it from a mile away.

We must say, though, it’s not exactly hard to find a Cher-recreation on the red carpet; celebs love paying homage to her incredible beauty lookbook.

So, to celebrate the living, breathing icon’s 75th birthday, we’re rounding up all the times stars have gone full Cher. So if you yourself are looking for some Cher-spo, well, we’ve got you, babe…

Emily Ratajkowski

Wearing crystal wings on your ears is always going to be a semi-statement look (okay, let’s be real, a major statement), so it’s no surprise onlookers soon realised Ratajkowski’s Met Gala vibe was an homage to Cher’s original winged moment.

Images via: Getty Images

Kim Kardashian

It’s not every day you see a sequin wig, either – Kardashian had quite the Cher-obsessed stage, and this metallic moment was no doubt a nod to one of the singer’s most infamous stage looks. We love that she added a little bit of a twist with the silver shade, too.

Images via: Getty Images

Dua Lipa

Lipa already had the jet black locks, so styling them to match Cher’s iconic silky straight strands was a no-brainer. In fact, her whole Grammys look was designed in honour of the star, with her dress also including the glittery butterflies Cher often embraced in the ‘70s.

Images via: Getty Images


There’s just something about the drama of the Met Gala that warrants pulling inspiration from Cher’s beauty back-catalogue, and that’s exactly what Ciara seems to have done with this textured take on Cher’s larger-than-life Oscars hair moment.

Images via: Getty Images


Halsey took things a step further, not just drawing inspo, but stepping into Cher’s (assumedly glittery) shoes altogether, opting to dress up as her for a Hollywood Halloween party. She paired together two of her signatures: the hair (of course), and the statement blue eye.

Images via: Getty Images

Kim Kardashian

Kardashian also went all in with a Halloween costume, choosing to recreate a very specific look: poker-straight hair, nude gloss, giant lashes, and of course, the unforgettable diamonte-adorned gold matching set. We give her major kudos; it’s hard to hold your own against a Hollywood icon, but she managed.

Images via: Getty Images

Main image credit: Getty Images

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