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 October 10

by Carolina

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Although season 6 of “The Masked Singer” did not kick off until September 22, fans have already seen five celebrity contestants headed home.

Hosted by Nick Cannon, the show has been judged by the same panel of four celebrity stars for the past six seasons: Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger.

Although fans have seen winners such as T-Pain (Monster), Wayne Brady (Fox), Kandi Burruss (Night Angel), LeAnn Rimes (Sun), and season 5 winner Nick Lachey (Piglet), executive producer Craig Plestis teased that fans can expect more “unexpected voices,” hinting, “there’s a lot of hidden talents we’ve discovered around the world and in Hollywood, people who can sing and perform.”

Here are the shocking celebrity contestants that have already been eliminated from season 6!

Dwight Howard

The first player eliminated was NBA player Dwight Howard, who performed as the Octopus. Howard, 35, plays for the Los Angeles Lakers and has the distinction of being an NBA champion and an eight-time All-Star.

In an interview after his unmasking, Howard admitted that he has been a long-time fan of “The Masked Singer” and didn’t want to leave.

“I really enjoyed myself, regardless of what the outcome was,” he shared. “I learned a lot about myself and it gave me so much confidence. I’m glad I did it, I’m glad they asked me to come. I wouldn’t have turned that down for anything.”

Vivica A. Fox

The second player eliminated was “Independence Day” actress Vivica A. Fox, 57, who performed as Mother Nature. Many fans were confused by the clue linking her to season 2 winner Wayne Brady, only to realize after her unmasking that his costume, Fox, was a nod to her last name.

“Oh my gosh, this has been exhilarating,” she said after her unmasking. “I challenged myself. I’ve done so many things in my career, and I’ve never done anything like this before. And I had fun!”

Toni Braxton

This might go down in history as one of the biggest upsets in “TMS” history. Seven-time Grammy winner Toni Braxton, 54, who is best known for her 1996 single “Un-break My Heart” was eliminated after her second performance as the Pufferfish. As one of the best-selling female R&B artists in history, it was shocking to see her eliminated in only the third episode.

Braxton’s powerhouse vocals might not have shone through to the audience, however, given that she was also wearing a mask underneath her costume for extra COVID-19 protection.

Braxton explained, “I’ve been in a house the whole pandemic, and I’ve seen them do something fun. But I had to be even extra-cautious and do it with the mask underneath the mask.”


Next to go was Grammy-nominated rapper Tyga, who performed as the Dalmatian. Tyga, 31, said after his unmasking that he was inspired to perform on “The Masked Singer” stage after Lil Wayne performed on the show.

Lil Wayne performed the Lenny Kravitz hit “Are You Gonna Go My Way” as Robot during the season 3 premiere, proving that critically acclaimed artists aren’t safe on the “TMS” stage.

Larry the Cable Guy

In last night’s shocking elimination, audiences were stunned when Baby was unmasked to reveal stand-up comedian and actor Larry the Cable Guy, 58.

“It was just fun. Everybody was super fun and super nice, and it was a great time. It’s a fun set to be on,” he said of his run. “They said it would be fun and you would have a blast, and it was all that stuff. I’m glad I did it. It’s all about entertaining and making people laugh and doing something fun that’s totally different, and that’s what it was.”

“The Masked Singer” airs Wednesday nights on Fox.

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