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 September 21

by Carolina

Alicia Silverstone is looking for love in Bumble.

Clueless actress, who divorced Chris Jalecki in 2018, 12 years after her marriage, joins a dating app to meet her new lover and hopes after being discouraged by the traditional way of meeting potential suitors. I’m waiting.

Alicia describes the app as follows:

“As you know, I think it’s really great to have friends who can connect us. You can be set up by your friends, you can tell people at the party , “Hey, do you know who?” You can do such a thing. I have experience going to direct events and no one is actually engaged. They’re like their phone and it’s a little disappointing. “

A 44-year-old star with a former husband and a 10-year-old son Bear confessed not to drink alcohol on a date because it would lead to a “sexy time.” I like her date.

Alicia quized Bumble’s question game about “what comes to mind after drinking a second glass of wine on a date.” “Sexy time. That’s why I don’t drink on dates. And if you don’t like them all of a sudden, you’ll love them because you’re drinking!”

She states: “New rule: don’t drink alcohol until you know I like you.”

However, the “book club” star is confident that she will meet her match after hearing the “beautiful” love stories of other dating app users.

She told people: “I’ve heard a lot of beautiful stories from people. I think it’s very common now. And it makes sense. It’s like going to a bar, but it’s more effective.”

She is currently single, but Alicia wants another child someday.

She used to say, “I always wanted another kid, but I love being with bears, so I wanted to keep them apart. I always dreamed of having a little girl. Of course, I also wanted another little bear.

“So no matter what happens, it’s good for me. I don’t care, but there are other ways to have a baby.”

Alicia Silverstone Looking For Love In A Dating App | Celebrities

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