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 November 3

by Carolina

Alicia Keys and her husband Kasseem Dean aka Swizz Beatz opened the doors to their 1 of a kind mansion to Architectural Digest and fans are impressed. The stunning cliffside mansion has been known as “Razor House” and was erected in 2007 by architectural designer Wallace E. Cunningham in La Jolla, California. The nearly 11,000-square-foot residence overlooks the Pacific Ocean and has also been described as a “magnum opus,” an “architectural masterpiece,” “America’s coolest home,” and is rumored to be the inspiration for Tony Stark’s futuristic home in the Iron Man movies, per Architectural Digest. But the new owners have renamed it “Dreamland” and Keys described it as “a place to create dreams and to be bold enough to dream your wildest dream—for us to even be here is a wildest dream.” Check out the stunning property below.

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