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 September 8

by Carolina

There are some youngsters who believe in only running behind the success they wish to achieve in life. At the same time, there are a few others who believe in attaining excellence first before desiring to achieve their definition of success. To belong to the latter category is easier said than done. Still, there are certain individuals, and especially youngsters, who have shown the world that people who always work towards excellence undoubtedly attain the success they wish for. Certain success stories in the world are proof of it. For example, the success of Bollywood celebrity dietician and nutritionist Manik Marria, who at 26 years of age has attained a long list of clientele, which is filled with many celebrities and renowned personalities.

Manik Maria’s road to stardom across social media platforms and otherwise is because of the prowess he has shown in the fitness and health niches; however, now he is all set to sharpen his acting skills and work upon his creative abilities and talents to make his career even as an actor. Much buzz has been created around him right now, as he is planning to give his best shot to make it in the movies, and soon, we may see him on the big screen.

Manik Marria always has spellbound people as a fat loss expert, transformation specialist, PCOS management advisor, fitness model, fitness influencer and of course as a Bollywood celebrity dietician, and now he is sharpening his skills and craft to become a skilled artist and performer as well. He has already done BSC in Nutrition and Dietetics, earned certification in Sports Medicine and Nutrition, certification in Diabetic/Thyroid Nutrition and certification in the Nutrition care of the Covid-19 patients and has even gained much momentum with his videos, tips and posts on diet, health and fitness on Instagram.

On TikTok, he had 500K fans, and his Instagram, too, has been growing massively with nearly 32K followers. The cosmetologist and fitness model, who has already worked with several sports brands, is now looking forward to making his career in Bollywood to create waves as an actor, for which his prep is in full swing.

How well he does even in the movies will be exciting to watch. Do follow him on Instagram @diet_planner_manik_marria for more updates.

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