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 October 8

by Carolina

Adele personally spoke to Beyonce after the 2017 Grammy Awards, telling her what she meant to her.

A 33-year-old singer made her acceptance speech to claim that the “Formation” hit maker deserves the praise of the “Lemonade” Album of the Year when she scooped it up for her record “25”. Used famously, and she still believes in the former Destiny’s Child Star “definitely” should have won.

She states: “In my personal opinion, Beyonce should definitely have won.

“I just got this feeling [when the show started]: I f ****** won. I was overwhelmed, for example, I would have to tell her how meaningful her record was to me. I’m a little emotional. “

The “Skyfall” hit maker headed to Beyonce’s dressing room, but struggled to say what she wanted to do, then cried, urging her then partner Simon Koneki to bring her back, “Crazy in Love.” A singer spokeswoman took everyone else out of the room.

Adele told Vogue magazine in the United States: I want to help her talk about how to move things forward with the release.

“For my friend who is a woman of color [‘Lemonade’] It was a huge acknowledgment to them for the kind of weakened sadness they experienced. For she nailed it to her head, and also bring the whole planet?

“This album is my album. She only knows what I’m doing. The album wasn’t written for me. Still, I feel it’s the greatest gift I was able to.”

At the ceremony, five award-winning Adele was also seen breaking the Grammy on stage, but she claimed it was an accident.

She said: “I was squeezing my hand and the gramophone bit came off.”

The gongs distributed on stage were fake, but later when the “Someone Like You” singer received the real gongs by email, they were also broken.

She said: “It broke when it was sent to me.”

Beyonce has great significance for Adele. Because music grew up as her biggest “friend”.

She explained: “Music was literally my friend. I was an only child. Music was my brother. So I love Beyonce. She played music on a regular basis, so it’s like meeting her. It was a mood. I really felt it. For me it was. It made me feel a lot. “

Adele meets Beyonce | Celebrities

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