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 January 15

by Carolina

A fitness trainer of Hollywood celebrities, a digital marketer, and a fitness influencer for thousands – it’s hard to come across someone so young and so successful at such an age. But Hakar Mahmoud is beating all odds and making it big in the glittering industry called Hollywood. It’s an honor for us to have him here today.

Q: Mr. Mahmoud, thank you for making time from your busy schedule and agreeing to talk to us today. We want to know what an average person needs to have at home if he can’t go to the gym?

A: First of all, thank you for calling me for this interview. To answer your question, I would like to say that most of my clients usually have at least a few pieces of equipment at home to not have to go to the gym. But if you don’t have those machines, then I suggest you buy an exercise mat, a set of dumbbells, and a stability ball. Using the correct weight matters when it comes to staying in shape. I think these three things are enough to provide similar results like going to the gym.

Q: What home workout program would you usually suggest?

A: That depends on your fitness goal. I provide customized programs according to your body structure and how you want to shape your body. For example, if I’m working with someone who needs to go on a 5K marathon in a few weeks, I would focus on his strength and stamina. In this scenario, my workout suggestion would include split sessions involving training the upper and lower half of the body on different days. Additionally, I would also concentrate on his endurance and high-intensity interval training. This would improve not only his strength but also his speed and flexibility.

Q: What are some of the easiest exercises to burn fat at home?

A: There are tons of exercises to lose weight. You can start with squats and lunges, followed by push-ups. This will speed up your metabolism. But the real trick to losing weight is what you eat. I firmly believe that losing weight involves 80% of what you eat and 20% of how you work out. If you keep gulping down burgers and fries at the end of the day, you wouldn’t be able to lose weight even if you work out 2 hours per training session.

Q: Do you have to be patient with your celebrity clients?

A: Honestly, no. I find them extremely motivated to work out. It’s as if they are raring to go. Whether they prefer working out early in the morning or at night, I don’t see a lack of enthusiasm in them. Sometimes they want to keep going for another hour, and I have to oblige.

We wish we could witness you in action, Mr. Mahmoud. But thank you for spending time with us today. It was lovely talking to you, and we wish you all the best for a prosperous future.

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