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 April 25

by Carolina

Disney characters have always been everyone’s fantasies, haven’t they? Their perfect hair, face, and almost perfect lives made us look up to them in so many ways. That’s why, probably, artists have always taken new challenges to explore the Disney characters by drawing them with even intricate details. Recently, we have discovered two artists who have done a commendable job by drawing celebrities as famous Disney characters. Their artwork has been trending for a long time now, and so, we have decided to make a compilation of their artwork.

So here we present nine celebrities drawn as Disney characters:

One of the two artists, who we are showcasing today, is Helen Morgun. She’s a Russian artist and loves to draw Disney characters’ illustrations. She fancies drawing her imaginations of celebrities as various Disney characters, Prince and Princesses. Hence, we thought her artwork was perfect for our compilation.

1. Let’s start with a Prince first. Here’s Henry Cavill as Prince Charming.

 celebrities as Disney characters


This illustration is detailed to perfection, and we love the artist’s imagination. Also, who would have thought of Henry Cavill as Prince Charming from Cinderella? 

2. The following illustration is also from the same artist. Ariana’s face and hair have proved to be a perfect fit for Megara.

Celebrities drawn as Disney characters


According to our observations, she loves experimenting and loves to associate real-life celebrities with Disney characters. Also, the modern-day look Ariana has is going well with Megara. Her explorations with these show her hard work and dedication.

3. This one’s pretty interesting, and I am sure you’ll recognize this one right away!

celebrities drawn as Disney characters


Did you, though? Well, if you haven’t, allow me. This one has Zayn Malik portrayed as Aladdin. She makes her drawing using digital tools like a graphics tablet and Adobe photoshop.

4. This one is a masterpiece. She has drawn Emma Stone as Jessie from Toy Story 


Doesn’t she look even more pretty in this illustration? And she fits perfectly, too! The reimagination of this Disney character is so precise that we would make this a recommendation to the filmmakers. 

5. We have one more ‘Emma’ to the list. It is Emma Watson as Anna from Frozen 2


The artist’s imagination is thought-provoking, and it fits so well with the character that now there’s no one else I’d instead picture playing Anna. Her innocent yet adventurous face is what the character is all about. The details will make you a fan of her creations.

And now, the second artist we want to give a shout-out to is- Veronique Piere. She’s a young artist and is becoming famous for her illustrations of Disney characters on both TikTok and Instagram. Her trending work attracted us to her social media feed. And on looking at her Instagram account, we ought to bring these to you because they are fabulous pieces of work.

6. Billie Eilish as Mavis from Hotel Transylvania

9 celebrities drawn as Disney characters


The artist explains her inspiration to start the series was after listening to a lot of Billie Eilish’s music and watching the Disney movie. She imagined her as the character, and that gave her an idea of beginning to draw. And look how beautiful these turned out to be.

7. Cardi B as Princess Tiana

9 celebrities drawn as Disney characters


The artist says that the most common answer to the question about which celebrity fits with a Disney Princess was this, Cardi B as Princess Tiana. However, if you’ll take a close look, it looks like this modern-day Princess Tiana doesn’t wear her crown all the time. And has a modern-looking dress too.

8. Doja Cat as Princess Jasmine:


The artist likes to combine the artists she comes across in her daily lives with her favorite Disney characters. This one is even prettier than the original version. What do you think?

9. Modern-day Taylor Swift as Cinderella:


Taylor Swift has a beautiful face and voice. While her voice works like magic, the artist’s creation works the same way too. After posting her work with Mavis, she started receiving tons of requests, which made her think more about the characters and celebrities. This creation was the result of the same discussion.

What were your thoughts when you first saw the artworks from both artists? Tell us in the comments…

Would you want to keep seeing such reimaginations more? Well, then what are you waiting for?!

Original posted at fandomwire.com

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