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 June 7

by Carolina

Many fans will be stunned at just how many celebrity friends Brie Larson has and at what kind of company she keeps.

Brie Larson has lived in the spotlight for much of her life and has taken on a series of successful roles on both the small screen, as well as the big screen. Her work is recognized by fans across the globe, but it’s not just the general public that seems to be impressed by her charismatic personality, or her incredible talents.

Brie Larson, whose real name is Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers, happens to have captured the attention of some high profile celebrities, as well. In fact, many fans will be stunned at just how many celebrity friends she has, and what kind of company she keeps.

8 Shailene Woodley

Brie Larson and Shailene Woodley have enjoyed a very close bond since they co-starred on The Spectacular Now. They instantly clicked, and it wasn’t long before they kicked of a very close-knit friendship.

They share a common goal in wanting to take on roles that are not detrimental to the overall perception of women. Entertainment Weekly quotes Woodley as saying; “we agreed the that the biggest issue is to pick films that are honest and not detrimental to girls. We realized that our choices might make people say we are ‘weird.’ But rather than be ashamed of that or try to change, we embraced it: Brie and I decided that we’d rather be weird than anything else.”

7 Samuel L. Jackson

It’s fair to say that Samuel L. Jackson and Brie Larson are BFF’s. These two are absolutely smitten with one another in a kindred spirit kind of way. Their friendship inspires everyone that lays eyes on the two of them together, and they spark fan excitement with the happiness they exude when they’re together. They’ve performed karaoke together and have starred opposite one another in three films.

They’ve made a number of public appearances together, including on a series of late night talk shows, and they both share an interesting dislike for cats, of all things!

6 Emma Stone

Sources have revealed another very close friendship of Brie’s as being the one she shares with Emma Stone. These two lovely ladies bonded at an awards show. In advance of the show, Stone handed Larson some good luck items, such as a good luck card, and a book called “I Can Fly.” Those little love wishes went a long way and became the first of many sweet moments these two ladies would share as part of their trusting, and very close friendship.

5 Jennifer Lawrence

When discussing Brie Larson’s very close celebrity friends, one glaringly obvious one that can’t be skipped over is the relationship she has with Jennifer Lawrence. Larson and Lawrence grew very close with one another during the time they spent filming their independent projects, which both happened to be shooting in Montreal. They would connect after work and enjoy bonding over dinner. Lawrence is one of the ladies that Brie has said is part of her innermost circle of friends.

4 Amy Schumer

Brie Larson and Amy Schumer worked together on Trainwreck, but their relationship was anything but. The laughs just don’t stop when these ladies are hanging out with one another, and their lighthearted humor, and ability to bond over similar interests, has kept them in a fun-loving friendship with one another for years.

Schumer and Larson bring out the best in one another and are able to discuss even the most taboo topics without hesitation. They even talk about the tough stuff, and Larson admits that Schumer is part of her “text support group,” which she leans on when she’s lonely or in need of a pal.

3 Lena Dunham

Another leading lady who has taken the spotlight as being one of the trusted people that forms Larson’s text support group, is Lena Dunham. Lena is part of a small group that Larson says has “saved her life,” as they had been through similar situations as the ones she has gone through and also face the same pressure to remain funny and entertaining through the difficult moments in their personal lives.

2 Jessie Ennis

Jessie Ennis is such a good pal to Brie Larson, that she was even given the honor of being her date to the 91st annual Academy Awards. Brie Larson had just broken up with her fiance, Alex Greenwald, and Ennis was right there to support her by ensuring she wasn’t dateless for this big night!  Reports indicate that Ennis is one of Larson’s closest people in life. Their friendship revolves around candid honesty and the ability to uplift one another when times get tough, as well as celebrate one another and be in each other’s corners during life’s happiest moments.

1 Woody Harrelson

While this friendship may initially seem like it’s an unlikely one, it deserves a lot of credit! Harrelson is in fact responsible for bringing Brie Larson, Emma Stone, and Jennifer Lawrence together. He had worked with each of them independently of one another and actually put all three ladies in touch with one another after realizing they all had so much in common and would really benefit from a friendship.

It turns out he was right, and he’s the one to thank for the strong bond these three ladies have formed with one another.

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