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 February 28

by Carolina

While some celebrities proudly show off their rides, aren’t terribly flashy and like to keep their love for motorcycles on the DL.

8 Celebrities You Didn't Know Loved Riding Their Motorcycles

When we talk about celebrities and their penchant for riding motorcycles, some names automatically come to mind. Think Brad Pitt, who spent a bomb on a WWII motorcycle, and owns plenty of other equally expensive motorcycles in his riding garage. Then there is Tom Cruise, and his bike-riding pal, David Beckham.

Then there is John Travolta, Norman Reedus, and even Charlie Hunnam who is spotted more on motorcycles than not, and even collectors like Kid Rock and Jay Leno.

But some celebrities aren’t terribly flashy about their rides and like to keep their love for motorcycles on the DL, mostly because they don’t want to be recognized while they show their appreciation for the open road on a ride that lets them be closer to themselves.

So here are some celebrities that you didn’t know loved riding their motorcycles, and why we love them for it!

8 Gerard Butler Loves Motorcycles As Much As Movies

Via Pinterest

Gerard Butler, best known for his short-skirted, muscular-leg showing avatar of Leonidas in the Spartan drama, 300, loves his motorcycles almost as much as his movies, and it’s both Triumph and Indian for him.

Via TheSun

He has been riding motorcycles for many years before being involved in a crash in 2017 that left him with injuries that required several surgeries to fix. While this may have been a dark period, Butler is back on the saddle, and still loves the wind in his hair and helmet.

7 Pink Is As Bike Crazy As Her Hubby

Via RideApart

Pink is married to Carey Hart, and the man is a professional freestyle motocross competitor. While earlier she used to be rooting, cheering, and even wincing from the sidelines, she now is quite the rider herself, even if it’s more for leisure and pleasure than sport.

Via Visordown

Not only does she have a Triumph Bonneville T100 and an HD Sportster XL Iron 883N, but she also got a custom Indian Chieftain gifted to her by her husband upon the birth of their new-born boy in 2017. Quite the enviable collection!

6 Jason Mamoa Built His Very Own Ride


Jason Momoa, or Khal Drogo from GoT, is quite the family man at heart and apparently, fell in love with biking when he was six. In fact, he later bought his first motorcycle when he was 19 and with his kids, managed to make a motorcycle out of an HD motor he had purchased way back when he wasn’t quite 20 yet.

Via PopSugar

He is also quite the forward thinker as he owns a custom Vallkree Drifter, which is an all-electric motorcycle that looks vintage, but lets you drive 25 miles on a single charge of its 250-watt battery.

5 Ryan Reynolds’s Deadpool Loves Bikes Too

Via Twitter

Ryan Reynolds, the dude who played both Marvel’s Deadpool (which he loves), and DC’s Green Lantern (which he regrets), loves his motorcycles as much as he loves sparring on Insta with his wife Blake Lively, and his mock enemy Hugh Jackman.

Via SuperStarsBio

He bought a Honda CB750 when he was 15, and obviously, his motorcycles have only grown in both size, power, and pennies ever since. He has a heavily modified Triumph Bonneville that he claims is his favorite and also a 1964 Triumph 650. Plus, Deadpool rides a Ducati 1299 Panigale S.

4 Orlando Bloom Blooms On Bikes

Via PopSugar

Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry’s baby daddy and one of the trifecta that made Pirates of the Caribbean such a success, has been riding motorcycles as soon as he could, physically and legally. His love came from a TV show which made him start on a dirt bike, as he rode trials over various obstacles.

Via Facebook

Today, he has no dearth of motorcycles and boasts of a Husqvarna and a KTM 500 amongst others. In fact, one easy way to spot him is with his dog, Mighty, riding with him in a tank bag.

3 Ewan McGregor Loves The Long Way

Via MotorBiscuit

Ewan McGregor is the cool dude on Star Wars, but then again, he also has a TV series called Long Way Round, where he, along with co-star, Charley Boorman went on a quest from London to New York, on their motorcycles.

Via Pinterest

For a while, Ewan McGregor was the face of Moto Guzzi motorcycles and owned a Stelvio from the same brand as well. Plus, he also owned a BMW R 1200 GS Adventure, and honestly, the man looks oh so happy on a motorcycle.

2 Tom Hardy, The Thief Chaser

Via TheSun

Tom Hardy is a bit new to the motorcycle scene as opposed to the others on the list, and yet in 2017, he actually pursued two motorcycle thieves in London, so clearly, he is quite the venomous hero, in real-life too.

8 Celebrities You Didn't Know Loved Riding Their Motorcycles
Via Playboy

Meanwhile, he started biking on a 125cc Mutt motorcycle, custom made, of course, and later for Venom, on a Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle motorcycle. Who knows what he may end up riding next considering the motorcycle bug has a stronghold on him.

1 Keanu Reeves Now Makes Motorcycles

Via Reddit

Crashes and injuries apart, and despite his very gentle, affable nature, Keanu Reeves is quite the revving motorcyclist. He loves Norton Commandos and owns the dark green 2004 Ducati 998 Reloaded Edition from the Matrix Reloaded movie. Cool, right?

Via Twitter

Cooler that he makes his own motorcycles, and sells them under Arch Motorcycle Company. They are completely custom although completely unaffordable by normal mortals, even if we are die-hard Reeves fans. Each motorcycle can go up to $100,000. And comes Reeves made…

Sources: IMDb, Bloomberg

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