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 May 5

by Carolina

Triple H Lemmy

The WWE Hall of Fame is a ridiculously mixed bag.

For the most part, it helps to honour those who have genuinely contributed to the industry, but it’s also a bizarre place that’s filled to the brim with random names. This can be seen clearly in the Celebrity Wing, where performers like William Shatner, Ozzy Osbourne and Kid Rock – who’ve spent very little time with the company – get granted one of their most significant accolades.

Of course, WWE does this for the publicity, as having mainstream crossover is something they’ve always prided themselves on in the hopes of gaining a more extensive viewer base. It’s a necessary evil in a way.

With that being said, the choice of inductees can be rather shocking, especially seeing as there are a fair few performers who are actually worthy of a place in the HOF but have been passed up.

The following celebrities may have decent reasons not to be included – such as never actually working with WWE – but they’ve all made a big impact on the industry and feel far more worthy for induction than what WWE already has…

8. Tom ‘Tiny’ Lister

Triple H Lemmy

This actor’s time in wrestling is looked back on more with comedy than respect, as he crossed over into the industry thanks to his role as the leading villain – Zeus – in the appalling Hulk Hogan led movie No Holds Barred.

Lister certainly captured the feeling of a Greek god as this actor was humungous, even dwarfing Hogan, who was in prime shape at the time. Despite the corniness of the film and the angle he was involved in, Lister proved to be a dedicated presence in the WWF, wrestling multiple matches at huge events like SummerSlam and Survivor Series.

However, his appearances weren’t limited to WWF as he also worked in WCW under the name Z-Gangsta where he once again feuded with Hulk Hogan in 1996. It’s safe to say that he would never be a wrestling megastar, but his crossover appeal and willingness to get in the ring were impressive. At least he got his hands a little dirty, which is better than many other celebrities.

Outside of wrestling, Lister had a decorated acting career, starring in movies like The Fifth Element and The Dark Knight. He tragically passed away in 2020, and thus, placing him into the WWE HOF would be a loving tribute to the monster once known as Zeus.

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