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 March 21

by Carolina

Big money and big spending don’t always go together. These celebs save their pennies and let the dollars take care of themselves.

When fans think of the enormous paychecks that are cashed by their favorite celebrities, most assume that their big income correlates to big spending, too. While many celebrities flaunt their wealth by making huge purchases in luxury mansions, fast supercars, and closets full of the finest in designer clothing, other famous faces happen to be known for just how frugal they are. It’s hard to believe, but many of the stars in Hollywood have no desire to flaunt their wealth unnecessarily and are much happier keeping their money right where they can see it – in their bank accounts!

In fact, Slice reports that some of these celebrities push the boundaries on being careful with their money and are downright strange when it comes to how firmly they refuse to spend their money.

8 Mila Kunis

Many fans are shocked to discover just how low-key Mila Kunis really is. She has earned a fortune with her role on That 70s Show and went on to pursue a series of other very successful ventures in Hollywood. When she married Ashton Kutcher, their combined net worth soared to well over $275 million.

We read about celebrity brides that spend a fortune on their rings all the time, and it seems that the bigger the star, the bigger the ring. Mila Kunis, is the exception. She leads a very simplistic lifestyle, and actually found her wedding ring on Etsy for a mere $90.

7 Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is a top selling music artist who rakes in millions of dollars with the release of every hit new song. He sells out huge stages and had a fan base that is as loyal as it is large. With a net worth of $ 200 million, he can certainly afford to live a very lavish lifestyle with all the comforts and luxuries that his immense fortune can offer him. However, he opts to live a life of modest spending in everyway. Sheeran avoids the cameras at every opportunity and tries to stay out of the spotlight when he’s not on stage. He only allows himself a $1,000 a month spending allowance, and according to Money Wise, he even still uses the student bank account that he originally opened well before his fame.

6 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga may have $300 million worth of spending power, but when its time to go shopping, she holds her money tightly and refuses to spend unnecessarily. She’s been known to focus her attention on the sales racks and isn’t really interested in spending full price for things she can just as easily find on sale.

She’s not just looking for discount prices in the aisles, either. Lady Gaga has been known to frequently use coupons to reap the benefits of reduce pricing. It’s hard to imagine watching Lady Gaga pour over the discounts, and she certainly doesn’t need to, but living a life that includes discount hunting makes her feel more confident in her purchases, and she thrives on saving a few bucks along the way.

5 Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is one of the highest paid athletes the world has ever seen, and there’s no question that he has already earned way more money than he can ever spend. However, it’s really difficult to wrench the money out of his hands. He has a reputation of being very cheap when he’s out for fancy dinners, refusing to leave a tip or at times leaving a very small one, even when the service was impeccable. Of course, his bills for dinner and drinks are quite high, so it’s incredibly insulting for the wait staff to be snubbed of this gratuity.

Some of his friends have spoken out to say he has embarrassed them with his refusal to pick up a tab or settle it with appropriate tipping standards.

4 Warren Buffet

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— Warren Buffett (@WarrenBuffett) May 22, 2015

Warren Buffet has topped the list of wealthiest people for years. It’s been said that he lives a simple life, in spite of having a net worth of over $100 billion. His choice of vehicles are always modest, opting to drive a base model Cadillac most of the time. He also lives in an average sized home within an average neighborhood, and doesn’t feel the need to flaunt his fortune or overspend.

When it’s time to fill a food craving, nobody is asked to hunt for caviar and expensive champagne to satisfy Warren Buffet. Quite the contrary, he favors McDonald’s, and buys his own takeout breakfast daily.  He selects from a few value items and heads to McDonald’s with the correct change in his pocket, right down to the penny. This is a far cry from the fancy dining options that he could easily afford.

3 Kristen Bell

Celebrities are known to spend fortunes on their weddings, and stop short of nothing to make sure they’re weddings are spectacles that reveal the finest of all things. Well, most of them do. Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard did things a bit differently. Opting to live a very humble lifestyle, Bell purchased her wedding dress for just $142, and got hitched without all the frills.

This is after she became famous for wearing a $45 dress from Target to a red carpet event. She looked incredible, but wasn’t prepared to spend a lot of money to achieve that end result.

2 Jay Leno

The famous face   that led the Jay Leno Show and The Tonight Show also happens to be that of a man that is incredibly careful about how he spends his fortune. In fact, Jay Leno really doesn’t spend much money at all, and opts instead to let his wealth continue to grow by refusing to spend it.

He keeps two jobs at all times and only spends the earnings from one of them. All the money he made from both talk shows has gone into savings and remains untouched. He opts to use the income from his other comedy acts and lower-scale jobs for spending money.

1 Tyra Banks

Tyra stands tall and confident on the runway now, but all the wealth that she has accumulated through her various projects in the fashion industry is safely stored away. Growing up, banks was raised by a single mother and the financial struggle taught her valuable lessons that she carries with her today.

Shockingly, Banks admits to bringing home what’s left of the bars of soap she uses at hotels during her travels. She even calls her accountant to check in on her finances before making purchases. Of course, she can spend as much as she wants and there will still be plenty left over, but Banks would prefer to know she has an abundance of wealth saved up.

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Sources: Slice, Money Wise, Cheatsheet, Cheapism, Money Wise


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