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 May 23

by Carolina

Nowadays, divorces are as common as dirt. Where it was once considered taboo, it is now a way to escape or end a relationship. There are many different reasons for divorces, some good, some bad. While us regular folk can chose to keep our reasons private, the same privacy isn’t always afforded to celebrities.

For celebrities, their divorce is usually publicly announced for the benefit of their fans. However, their official announcement is not penned by the celebs themselves. There’s usually a team that crafts a poignant yet meaningful message to explain everything.

Check out whose message was the most poetic and whose was the most direct.

1. Faye Wong (王菲) and Li Yapeng (李亚鹏)

Source: ent.creaders.net

Wong and Li married in 2005 and later had a daughter together whom they named Li Yan (李嫣). However on 13th September 2013, the couple officially announced their divorce.  Wong left a message on Weibo saying, “This is the end of this life for husband and wife. I’m fine, you (should also) take care.

Li replied saying that he still loves Wong but “the only thing I can do for (her) is to let (her) go with my heart full of regrets.” He wished her well and reassured fans that other matters like the custody of their daughter and their finances were taken care of. “I wish you all the best,” he said to Wong. “The sun will still rise tomorrow!

Source: Xuan

2. Selina Jen (任家萱) and Richard Chang (張承中)

Source: English Pop Station

Fans only knew that Selina was dating someone during a concert in Taipei on 29th May 2010. It was announced then that Lawyer Richard Chang had asked Selina to be his girlfriend. Even after Selina was badly burned by fire, Chang stayed by her side, supporting and comforting her. They married in 2011, but four years later, the two officially divorced. Selina explained they did not make the decision overnight. She stated on Facebook that the two of them did not manage their marriage well, nor did she play the role of a good wife. “I became a wife, but I didn’t become a very good wife,” she wrote.

Source: Xuan

3. Ma Yili (马伊琍) and Wen Zhang (文章)

Source: Dramapanda

Ma and Wen fell in love with each other during the filming of the TV series “Struggle” in 2006. They later married in 2008 and were blessed with a daughter that very year itself. However, in 2014, while Ma was pregnant with their second child, it was revealed that Wen had an affair with another actress Yao Di (姚笛). Although Ma forgave him after he made a public apology on Weibo, they eventually divorced in 2019.

Their public announcement was made on 28th July. Ma wrote, “We loved each other.  We tried hard and completed each other in the past.  We may have regrets over our relationship, but there is nobody in the wrong here.  I hope that in the future, we can both lead happy lives.” Wen also penned a post on his own, saying, “I love Ma Yili, (we) walked together halfway and separated. There’s still the rest of our lives, (we) will still be protecting as family.” According to netizens, this was the most poetic announcement.


Source: Xuan

4. Zhou Xun (周迅) and Archie Kao (高圣远)

Source: TODAYonline

Zhou and Kao surprised many when they announced their marriage publicly in 2014. However, work separated the couple and rumours popped up about their relationship. Things came to head in 2020 when another woman posted a photo of Kao and her kissing. Netizens suspected she was Kao’s new girlfriend. This was further evident when the lady posted a photo of a love letter addressed to Kao.

Near the end of 2020, the couple officially announced their divorce. Their six-year marriage was brought to an end with three simple words. “Good luck,” the couple wrote to one another. It is unclear if they ended on good or bad terms, but the relationship was definitely over. Netizens found this to be the most unique way of announcing a divorce.

Source: Xuan

5. Zanilia Zhao (赵丽颖) and William Feng (馮紹峰)

Source: Pinterest

Many awaited a relationship between this couple for a long time. Having acted together in many shows, people speculated that the two were seeing each other. However, they only confirmed the status of their relationship in 2018. They got married that same year on 16th October. They were blessed with a son on 8th March 2019 but many suspected the marriage was headed in a downhill direction as the couple were seemingly spending too much time on work. On 23rd April 2021, the duo divorced with a short but succinct sentence to announce it. “The days are long, the past is very good and the future is better,” they wrote and tagged each other at the end of their post.

Source: Xuan

6. Tong Liya (佟丽娅) and Chen Sicheng (陈思诚)

Source: ent.sina.com

Tong and Chen met in 2011 and later married in 2014. They were blessed with one son and many thought the marriage would last. However, in 2017, it was discovered that Chen had been having affairs with other women. Tong forgave him, but they eventually divorced on 20th May, otherwise known unofficially as China’s Valentine’s Day. The date ‘520’ sounds like the phrase “I love you” in Mandarin.

Chen made the announcement by posting photos of Tong and their five-year-old son. He captioned the photos with “From 2011 to 2020, the story ended. You will always be the ones I love the most, I will guard you with a different identity now.” Tong responded to the post with, “I had a worthwhile time and am looking forward to the future. Thank you.

Source: Weibo

Hopefully, you guys will never have to pen an announcement for a divorce. If you do, you can get some inspiration here.

Whose announcement did you like the best? Let us know in the comments.

Sources: Xuan, Drama Panda, Otakucart, Cosmopolitan

Original posted at hype.my

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