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 August 17

by Carolina

It’s hard for celebrity couples to stay together when their whole life is front of the world. From rumors, affairs, and distance, there are plenty of reasons why they call it quits. But for some celebrity couples, they just needed to take a break to realize what they wanted was right in front of them. While some couples on this list took over a decade to give love a second chance, others quickly realized it was a big mistake. Take a look at 6 celebrity couples that broke up, got back together, and are still in love.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been dominating the headlines like it‘s the early 2000’s. They began dating in 2002 after meeting on the set of Gigli and just a few months later Affleck popped the question with a custom-made 6.1-carat pink solitaire Harry Winston diamond ring. They planned a wedding for September 2003 but called it off just days before. They officially announced their split in January 2004 and quickly began dating other people. J.Lo married Marc Anthony in June 2004 and Affleck married Jennifer Garner in June 2005. JLo and Anthony divorced in 2014 and Garner and Affleck split ways in 2018. 17 years later, the couple has been taking vacations, renting luxury yachts, and even looking at mansions big enough for their family in Los Angeles. It’s safe to say “Bennifer 2.0” is Hollywood’s favorite power couple again.

Justin and Hailey Bieber

Justin and Hailey Baldwin seem to be happily married but their journey didn‘t come without speed bumps. They met in 2011 at the premiere of Bieber‘s Never Say Never movie in Times Square, New York City. That same month he confirmed his relationship with Selena Gomez. For the next 3 years “Jelena” was the only thing people could talk about until they split in November 2014. Rumors between Bieber and Baldwin began swirling and they denied them for over a year. Finally, in January 3, 2016, Justin made it Instagram official with a photo of them kissing, however, both claimed they were “not an exclusive couple.” Six months later in August 2016, they seemed to go from “nonexclusive” to “not at all,” as Justin began cozying up with Sofia Richie. Their fling was short-lived and he bounced bag with Selena for the next 2 years until March 2018. A few months later, Hailey and Justin reunited, and he went on to propose in July of that year. Last year in the premiere episode of their show on Facebook, The Biebers on Watch they talked about their dramatic 2016 split and Hailey told Justin, “I really let myself feel the emotions I was feeling. It feels like grieving, it is grieving actually. You feel like you lose someone you really, really love and care about. By the time we got back together, I felt like I experienced enough.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Even the Royals have rocky relationships. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met while attending St. Andrews University in Scotland and began dating privately. After dating for 3 years they hit a roadblock and decided to split in March 2007. At the time, “media pressure” was one of the reasons cited for the breakup. Plus, Prince Williams was away from London at least 5 days a week while he was with the Household Cavalry. The media announced their split in April but their time apart was brief. In June Kate attended a themed party at William’s barrack and by the end of the night they were back together. Three years later they announced their engagement and Prince William explained, “We were both very young, we were still defining ourselves and we had different personalities, trying to find our way and growing. We gave ourselves a little space, in the end, everything was for the better.”

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