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 June 3

by Carolina

A still from '3Devi'

A still from ‘3Devi’

Express News Service

There’s quite the buzz about the unveiling of the official trailer of 3Devi, starring Shubha Poonja, Jyotsna B Rao and Sandhya Lakshminarayan, on June 6. The launch will be a starry affair with over 51 celebrities simultaneously unveiling it on their social media platforms, and 300 people collectively launching the trailer on various social media pages.

“I have been waiting to showcase this film for quite some time. Moreover, post Bigg Boss, I have gained a lot of popularity among young girls and children, and thought this was the right time to talk about this film,” says Shubha.

The film, produced by Altered Ego Entertainment, has Shubha taking extra responsibilities. “I have been part of this film as an executive producer and have worked along with writer-director, Ashwin A Mathew right from its inception,” she says.

3Devi is a female-centric subject, and the trailer will give a theme of what the film will be about. “Three women who decide to get out of oppressive situations in their lives go on a journey to clear their minds. On this trip, they witness something evil. The only way to stay alive is by invoking their inner goddesses. Thus 3Devi. This trailer will give the exact picture of what the film is all about,” says the actor and producer.

Meanwhile, the production house made a unique presentation by releasing character posters for every single artist who is part of the project. “Each actor, even the ones who don’t have a dialogue, are part of this, and every one of them considered this as a trophy. At a time when there’s so much negativity and pessimism, they said this brought them real joy. Those playing ‘extras’ and small characters and associated with the industry for over 30 years couldn’t contain their happiness,” says Shubha.

3Devi, which has an ensemble cast, has dialogues and lyrics written by Karthik Saragur, and music scored by DossMode. The film’s photography is handled by Kunjunni S Kumar.

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