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 May 1

by Carolina

3. Cypress Hill

A photo showing Cypress Hill posing for a photo after receiving a 'Walk of Fame' star.

Jaxon / MEGA

The well known Californian hip-hop group, known as “Cypress Hill,” gained popularity in the 90s, and became the first hip-hop group to sell multi-platinum albums worldwide.

Back in 1993, weed was considered an illegal substance in the state. However, during a live broadcast, one of the band’s members Dj Muggs lit up a joint and smoked it on stage.

Another member, Sen Dog explained to “Village Voice” that SNL told them to do whatever they wanted except smoke on stage. He also said that their management and friends told them not to attempt it, but Muggs was keen on making a statement.

The group was banned from the show totally.

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