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 June 27

by Carolina

Sit down on a plane…and find yourself next to Christian Bale.

This guy sat down on a plane for a five-hour flight and realized he was seated next to Christian Bale:

I met this cool guy on a 5 hour plane ride from

Bale’s seatmate wrote, “Basically I was just really polite (maybe overly so?) and didn’t bother him for the vast majority of the flight. Eventually I just told him I was a big fan of his work and asked his permission for a pic. I kinda wish I would have talked to him a bit more, but I really didn’t want to be an annoying guy who doesn’t take social cues.”

This fan met Tom Hanks and had him take a photo with a banana for scale:

I met Tom Hanks last night…banana for scale from

The fan wrote, “He walked into the bar I was at and, luckily, the 7-Eleven next door sold bananas. Walked back into the bar and told him I had a really awkward picture request and he was more than happy to oblige. Really nice guy.”


Here is a photo she snapped with Bill Murray:

This lucky person shook hands with President Barack Obama on a golf course:

I met Obama from

This guy was in Uganda when he ran into Forest Whitaker…who, of course, won an Academy Award for playing Ugandan President Idi Amin:

I met Forest Whittaker in Uganda from

The lucky fan wrote, “He walked by me and my friends and we were like wait a second that’s Forest Whitaker but when we were walking over to ask him for a photo one of the staff where we were said not to bother him. So we went back to eating. Before he left he walked up to us and said it would be okay for a photo now. It was really cool to meet him. … He was there for a documentary about the last Rhino sanctuary.”

And this fan met Adam Sandler at a food court:

I met a man at a food court. from

The fan wrote, “I tried not to be obnoxious and made it really quick. He said thanks bro.”

This woman was playing soccer when she met Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage:

Met the nicest guy while playing soccer in Toronto. I was a little too excited I think. from

She wrote, “I was playing a game of soccer and Dinklage and Adam Sandler were walking by with some kids. Sandler was heckling and making funny comments about the game. … I admire Mr. Dinklage and I personally think he is a superb actor and I love his character on Game of Thrones. I had a chance to express my appreciation for his work which I think he appreciated in return. I didn’t ask for a picture with Adam Sandler because it’s Mr. Dinklage that I was so excited to meet.”

This fan met — and even hammed it up with — Jim Carrey:

I met Jim Carrey! Awkward… from

The fan wrote, “He was seriously awesome! Nice and wonderful! I never thought he would be cool with making faces with me! But he was totally down!”

This fan of The Office was shopping when he randomly met Hidetoshi Imura — who played surgeon–turned–Dundler Mifflin warehouse worker Hidetoshi Hasegawa — and check out the shirt he had on:

I met a heart surgeon while shopping from

The fan wrote, “I looked at the shirt before I noticed him and my heart stopped when I noticed it was him.”

This fan met acclaimed actor Rosemary Harris, who is most recognizable to modern audiences as Aunt May from the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man films:

I met Aunt May today from

This fan met Patrick Stewart and called him the kindest celebrity he’d ever met:

I met Patrick Stewart once. He’s the kindest celebrity I’ve ever met. from

The fan wrote, “He was working with a Tour Bus Company in NY at an event. He told some stories. Then my dad and I talked to him privately when he was finished. We talked about his career over the years. Couple Star Trek things my dad rattled off, and how much he influenced me when I studied theater acting. He later signed the photos of my dad and I and even signed one with Ian McKellen for my friend who I had said greatly admired them.”

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