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 October 18

by Carolina

“Naya Rivera. Was still hoping for a miracle.”


“Chadwick Boseman. He died of a cancer similar to what I had. Hit close to home.”

Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images for dcp


“Kobe Bryant. I’m an NBA writer but I’ve always looked up to Kobe. His work ethic is inspiring and he did so much. The last basketball game I attended was one where Kobe tore my favorite team apart, and I can’t bring myself to attend another game. That one has to always be the last.”

Ethan Miller / Getty Images


“Cicely Tyson. She was the only exposure to black strength I had; growing up in a white family (adopted). Something about her resonated with me.”

Axelle / FilmMagic / Getty Images

“Maybe because she’s not the stereotypical openly angry black person in her characters (which I will clarify is NOT an issue I just think it’s overused in movies sometimes. Black anger is a form of resistance, but anger comes in many forms) she loved fiercely, and you could tell with the tight grip of her hands that she was transferring all over heart to you.” —backtosleepplz


“Nipsey Hussle. I was so hurt I couldn’t eat and I still haven’t gotten over it.”

David Crotty / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images


“Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds when they died within a few days of each other.”

Ethan Miller / Getty Images


“Grant Imahara, it was just such a shock given his age, and so tragic as he was by all accounts a brilliant, kind guy. Rest in peace my friend.”

Albert L. Ortega / Getty Images


“Naya Rivera. I knew it was unlikely she’d survived being missing in a lake, but it still stung when they announced finding her. Was still hoping for a miracle.”

Chris Delmas / AFP via Getty Images


“5HINee’s Kim Jonghyun really hit me hard. I remember the day so clearly, I was at work and I felt my phone go off in my pocket for it to be a BBC news notification about K-pop group Shinee’s Jonghyun found dead, my heart dropped totally. I cried so much and still think about him from time to time. I really do hope he is at peace now.”

Han Myung-gu / WireImage / Getty Images


“I was 14 when Jim Henson died; lifelong muppets fan. My dad was reading the paper (the paper! how quaint) and told me Jim Henson died. I immediately said ‘No he didn’t’ my dad again confirmed that he died and I remember yelling ‘No! He didn’t!’ Then I sat down and cried.”

Brownie Harris / Getty Images

“First time I ever cried over a celebrity death. Jim Henson defined my childhood and I still mourn his passing.” Docwillwavealight


“Prince. There are others, but his was the death that affected me the most. Still does.”

Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images


“Brittany Murphy. I used to watch her movies all the time with a friend of mine who is also now deceased. I still get sad watching her movies.”

James Devaney / WireImage / Getty Images


“Fred Rogers. He was genuinely the nicest man to anyone who ever met him.”

Fotos International / Getty Images


“Korean singer/actress Sulli (Choi Jin-ri). I was really sad about Goo Hara and 5HINee’s Kim Jonghyun, but I never managed to shed tears for them. Maybe it’s because I was closer in age to her, but Sulli’s death did make me cry.”

Ilgan Sports / Multi-Bits via Getty Images


“Christina Grimmie. I was a huge fan of hers since the beginning, having followed her on YouTube since about 2010. She was only 22 when she was shot in the head and killed at her concert by a crazed fan. Her brother jumped the guy, and the killer ended up shooting himself in the head in the struggle.”

Vivien Killilea / Getty Images


“I was a child when Steve Irwin died. I remember walking downstairs and the first thing my sister said to me was that he died. I thought she was joking, and then I saw it on the TV, and I burst into tears. I have the DVD he made, and I can’t watch it without crying, even now.”

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images


“I was really young when she came on the scene, but I looked up to Aaliyah and was so so sad when i watched the news story of her plane crash and death.”

Sal Idriss / Redferns / Getty Images


“Israel Kamakawiwoʻole. Bruddah Iz, and ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’, are the reason I now own five ukuleles and that song was the first thing I learned to play. I can’t wait to meet him and maybe sing/play with Iz in heaven.”


“Gene Wilder. I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news; I was sitting down in a sandwich shop and it was broadcast on the store radio. I heard it but it didn’t really register at first, but as soon as I got home it hit me and I had to lie down and cry for a few minutes.”

Silver Screen Collection / Getty Images


“Michael Jackson. As a child in the mid-’80s my mom told me that she could feel me dancing to his music in her womb whenever she played Off The Wall and Thriller and I’ve never stopped loving his music, dancing and all-round artistry since.”

Kmazur / WireImage / Getty Images

“June 25 is a bittersweet day of sadness, reflection and joy in my house. A celebration of the man’s life and the music he gave us.” —godisgoodiambetter


“Satoru Iwata. The fact that such beloved Nintendo games like Earthbound, Smash Bros 64, Pokemon Gold and Silver, amongst many others were made as good as they are or even exist thanks to him is something that I’m still amazed at. It was so heartwarming to see how the whole gaming community joined together to mourn his death. I just wish he’d gotten to see the massive success of the Switch, instead of dying during the dark days of the Wii U. RIP Iwata-san. You’ve earned it.”

Junko Kimura / Getty Images


“Anthony Bourdain. I’m a chef and his impact on pretty much everyone in my industry is immeasurable. ‘Kitchen Confidential’ is easily the most impactful book for most of us. The most amazing way of translating and speaking about food/chef culture.”

New York Daily News Archive / NY Daily News via Getty Images

“His shows had an amazing way of highlighting other cultures and the way food brings people together no matter where you are from and showing that a lot of our differences are purely cosmetic. That day was easily the quietest day I’ve ever spent in a professional kitchen in my life — everyone was just silent and upset.” —Napo2212

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

Original posted at www.buzzfeed.com

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