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  • There’s only one Samuel L. Jackson or Serena Williams, and most people can’t take lessons from them.
  • E-learning platforms provide access to celebs and career experts through affordable online courses.
  • Find free or cheap online courses taught by celebrities below, through platforms like MasterClass.

If I could learn a backhand serve from anyone in the world, I’d like it to be from Serena Williams. 

But one of the obstacles, aside from cost and access, is that there’s one Serena Williams and about 7.9 billion people who are not Serena Williams. 

Luckily, online platforms with deeper pockets and scale than the average person, such as YouTube and MasterClass, are creating an otherwise unlikely bridge between the amateur tennis player and an expert like Serena Williams in online classes. And they’re doing it for a fraction of the price of an expensive in-person lesson.

It’s not the same thing as a backyard session with an athlete who won 23 Grand Slam titles and four Olympic gold medals, but it’s kind of an incredible bargain.

Especially now, during the small-scale online learning renaissance, you can learn any craft from an icon — sometimes, from the comfort of your respective living rooms. Below, you’ll find poetry courses taught by Amanda Gorman, photography courses by Annie Leibovitz, and voice lessons from Christina Aguilera. 

20 courses taught by celebrities:

Creative leadership with Anna Wintour

Classes taught by celebrities Anna Wintour teaching leadership


Sign up for Creative Leadership with Anna Wintour on MasterClass

Anna Wintour, the iconic Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Magazine, shares her approach to leading a creative environment without apology. Wintour details practical tips on management, evolving a brand, and spotting talent as well as delving into making the kind of editorial decisions that helped Vogue remain relevant for decades and turned the Met Gala into the cultural phenomenon it is today. 

Photography with Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz teaches Photography


Sign up for Photography with Annie Leibovitz on MasterClass

Annie Leibovitz is the first-ever female chief photographer at “Rolling Stone” and is the master eye behind some of photography’s most recognizable dramatic portraits. Here, she sheds light on her photography philosophy and shows how a great photo comes to life. 

Gardening with Ron Finley

Masterclass Ron Finley teaches gardening


Sign up for Gardening with Ron Finley on MasterClass

Ron Finley has launched a movement around an unusual form of protest: gardening. In 2011, Finley was issued an arrest warrant for planting fruits and vegetables on the curbside strip outside his home in South Central LA — a food desert. Two years later, his story helped change LA laws and, a decade later, he’s helped plant dozens of community gardens. In his MasterClass, Finley teaches you how to grow your own food, avoid killing your plants, and uncover the beauty and community you can find in healthy food.

Fashion with Alexa Chung

Classes taught by celebrities Alexa Chung

YouTube/Mara Leighton

Watch Alexa Chung’s class on YouTube

British Vogue recently launched “Vogue Visionaries” with short, MasterClass-like episodes on Youtube. In Episode 2, Alexa Chung discusses fashion— specifically, setting up a company, common obstacles, advice to her younger self, and more.

Singing with Christina Aguilera

Singing with Christina Aguilera


Sign up for Singing with Christina Aguilera on Masterclass

The Grammy-award-winning artist gives you practical tips on how to fine-tune your voice, perform different styles, and use equipment like live or studio microphones. Aguilera also shares stories about her career trajectory and advice on how to overcome performance anxiety and mistakes.

Baking with Apollonia Poilâne

Masterclass Apollonia Poilâne teaches bread baking


Sign up for Baking with Apollonia Poilâne on MasterClass

Apollonia Poilâne, the third-generation baker and CEO of Parisian bakery Poilâne, teaches you how to use all of your senses when baking an ideal loaf from scratch. Poilâne outlines best practices for a variety of French breads — rustic wheat, rye, brioche, and Poilâne’s beloved sourdough loaves — and demonstrates proper form and helps troubleshoot common mistakes.

Acting with Samuel L. Jackson

Acting with Samuel L. Jackson


Sign up for Acting with Samuel L. Jackson on MasterClass

Actor, director, and film producer Samuel L. Jackson has made his name in iconic roles that range from “Pulp Fiction” to “Jackie Brown.” In his MasterClass, he discusses his characterization process and philosophy as well as how to break down a script, collaborate on set, and more. 

Art and Creativity with Jeff Koons

Masterclass Jeff Koons teaches Art and Creativity


Sign up for Art and Creativity with Jeff Koons on MasterClass

Celebrated artist Jeff Koons teaches you how to express yourself through color, scale, and form. Among other things, Koons discusses how to develop and use your own personal iconography, so that you could innovate and have a dialogue with art history in your work. 

Architecture with Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry teaches Architecture


Sign up for Architecture with Frank Gehry on MasterClass

Frank Gehry, one of few architects that’s a household name, teaches design and architecture. Gehry touches on design philosophy, obstacles, ideas, and creating in tandem with a client. You’ll hear lessons from some of his most famous creations — from the Walt Disney Concert Hall to 8 Spruce Street — and advice on neighborhood and context, residential projects, and materials. 

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