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 March 26

by Carolina

Two Britney Spears TBTs kick off this week’s #ThrowbackThursday.


Britney Spears shared this video of herself performing a cover of the Jets’ “You Got It All” in Singapore in 1998:


And she also shared photos from the London premiere of her 2002 classic film, Crossroads:


While Natalie Portman posted this photo of herself and Britney hosting a New Year’s Eve party in New York in 2002:


Lenny Kravitz shared this photo of himself rocking a boa in the early ’90s:


Reese Witherspoon shared this adorbs photo from her Girl Scouts days in the early ’80s:


Madonna posted this video clip of herself practicing dance at the University of Michigan in the late ’70s:


Andy Cohen shared this photo of himself from when the very first episode of Real Housewives aired in 2006:


RuPaul’s Drag Race UK‘s Bimini Bon-Boulash shared these photos of themselves taken for Esquire Singapore in 2018, while reflecting on how much of a better place they’re in now compared to when the pics were taken:


Mindy Kaling participated in the #FirstPostChallenge and reposted her very first Insta photo — which was of herself alongside B.J. Novak:


Debbie Allen shared her Essence magazine cover from 1990:


Leah Remini remembered all the short-lived TV shows she has starred in throughout the years:


Sofía Vergara shared this photo of herself in the ’90s:


Quincy Jones celebrated his daughter Kidada Jones’ 47th birthday by posting a photo of himself with her in the mid-’70s, as well as one of her with her mother, Peggy Lipton, in the ’80s and one of the two of them recently:


Tom Felton shared this photo of himself enjoying a soda in the ’90s:


Christy Turlington celebrated the arrival of spring by sharing this photo taken of herself for Vanity Fair in 1987:


While Dolly Parton celebrated the arrival of spring by sharing this photo of herself enjoying the outdoors in the 1970s:


And lastly, Rihanna celebrated her album Anti, which has spent five straight years on the Billboard 200 chart:

Nostalgia Trip

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