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 June 4

by Carolina

These famous moms had A+ responses to the parenting police.


Mila Kunis called out strangers who gawked at her when she breastfed in public.

Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagic

“There were many times where I didn’t bring a cover with me, and so I just did it in a restaurant, in the subway, in the park, at airports, and in planes. Why did I do it in public? Because I had to feed my child,” she told Vanity Fair. And she said that the negative reactions she received from people surprised her: “People actually looked at us in a shameful [way], and we were like, ‘Oh my God,’ because it’s so not a sexual act. It didn’t matter to me what other people thought.”


Megan Fox doubled down on her decision to let her sons wear dresses and grow their hair long after intense backlash from close-minded bigots.


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@meganfox / Via instagram.com

“I let my kids wear what they want. They will tell me what they are. It’s not my job to teach them that,” she revealed in an interview on Today, adding: “I thought it was illegal, honestly, to shame a child or shame a mom for what a child wears in 2018.”


Kelly Clarkson responded to a mom-shamer who said her busy career was the reason “her marriage didn’t work” and told Kelly to be “the good old country girl we fell in love with.”

Kelly Clarkson

Jared Siskin / Getty Images for Warner Music Group

“Wow. Shaming a woman who has a great work ethic, is a great mom, and who steps up and fills in when a friend asks for a favor because that’s actually what ‘good old country girls’ do,” Kelly tweeted in response. “This can’t be who you are deep down. I have more faith in your heart. Aim higher please.”


Cardi B slammed those who shamed her for releasing the risqué song “WAP” as a mother.

Cardi B

Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images for Fashion Nova

After she was called a “hypocrite” for not letting her young daughter hear the song, Cardi responded on Twitter: “Ya needs to stop with this already! I’m not Jojo Siwa! I don’t make music for kids, I make music for adults. Parents are responsible [for] what their children listen to or see. I’m a very sexual person but not around my child, just like every other parent should be.”


Jenna Dewan had an A+ response to mom-shamers who criticized her for posing in lingerie.


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@stevekazee / Via instagram.com

“Apparently, when you become a mother, you’re supposed to leave your sexuality at the door, and I never understood that,” she told Women’s Health when asked about the criticism. “I think there’s nothing sexier than becoming a mother. You give life. It’s everything. And you don’t change who you are inside just because you have a kid.”


Snooki had no time for a rude Instagram commenter who asked, “How come you never comb your kid’s hair?!”


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@snooki / Via instagram.com

“Are we mom shaming?” Snooki asked in her reply. “Who gives a fuck. We drove with the windows down singing and enjoying life. Sorry I can’t always brush and braid her hair like you, perfect mom.”


Gabrielle Union opened up about being attacked by mom-shamers from “day one” after giving birth to her daughter.

Gabe Ginsberg / Getty Images

“I had to hit the mommy-shamers day one,” she told People in an interview, adding: “I want to be able to make whatever choice I want to make and not have to answer to anybody but me. As long as I feel good, as long as I feel confident, screw you. Look in the mirror and fix your own life.”


Alyssa Milano got candid about the sadness she felt after mom-shamers attacked her for sharing breastfeeding photos.


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@milano_alyssa / Via instagram.com

“I got really sad about it. Because…who are we, that now we get upset as human beings if we see a woman feeding her baby? It’s crazy to me. Crazy, crazy, crazy,” she said on The Talk. “I just think, ‘Where are we that this has now become offensive?’ So not only is it beautiful, but it’s also a necessity. I’m feeding my kid.”


Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson East posted an adorable video of her daughter doing a “flip” — and despite her caption noting that the baby was “perfectly safe,” she still got attacked by mom-shamers.


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@shawnjohnson / Via instagram.com

“All of us moms are doing the best we can,” she wrote on Instagram in response to several nasty comments. “So you guys should celebrate all the mamas out there. If you have advice, try to say it in a very kind way because, let’s be real: None of us know what in the heck we’re doing.”


Khloé Kardashian had some choice words for people who said she cradled her baby bump too much when she was pregnant with True.


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@khloekardashian / Via instagram.com

“People are very opinionated about my bump,” she tweeted at the time. “I choose to cradle my bump because it’s MINE. I’ve waited for this VERY short moment for YEARS. I have only months to enjoy this phase in my life, so I will touch my bump and love my bump as often as I choose. Mommy loves you baby!”


Pink — who has been attacked for her parenting choices several times over the years — posted on Instagram specifically to troll mom-shamers.


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@pink / Via instagram.com

“Here’s a picture of my child running through water. It wasn’t even filtered. What a waste of water,” she wrote in a hilarious Instagram caption. “And no helmet? I hope she had sunscreen. If she slips and falls she may be traumatized for life. And her mother wasn’t even there. I was….. gasp…. working!!!! In another country! 🤘🏽👎🖕.” She added the hashtag #fucktheparentingpolice for good measure.


Pink also stepped in to defend Jessica Simpson after she was shamed for letting her daughter dye her hair.


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@pink / Via instagram.com

“I heard people were bummed on Jessica Simpson for letting her 7-year-old get her hair colored,” Pink posted on Instagram alongside a photo of her dyeing her own daughter’s hair blue. “So we thought we’d share what we did yesterday.” She added the hashtags #getyourownkids and #parentpoliceareactuallyjustlonelysadpeople.


Hilary Duff posted a statement on Instagram in response to mom-shamers who attacked her for giving her son a peck on the lips.


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@hilaryduff / Via instagram.com

“For anyone commenting that a kiss on the lips with my 4-year-old is ‘inappropriate’ go ahead and click a quick unfollow with your warped minds and judgment,” she wrote. The “controversial” photo simply showed Hilary giving her son a kiss at Disneyland.


Halle Berry responded to a commenter who implied she was “ashamed” of her children because she wouldn’t show their faces on social media.


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@halleberry / Via instagram.com

In response to the Instagram commenter, Halle wrote: “I’ve noticed you have said this several times now so let me be clear — I’m not at all ashamed of [my] children. I try to find creative ways to incorporate them into my feed because they are the biggest part of my life, but I also work very hard to keep their identities as private as I can considering they are only children.”


Kim Kardashian reminded her followers that she’s allowed to be a parent and be sexy, after mom-shamers attacked her for posting nude photos.


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@kimkardashian / Via instagram.com

“The body-shaming and slut-shaming — it’s like, enough is enough,” she said in a statement. “I will not live my life dictated by the issues you have with my sexuality. You be you and let me be me. I am a mother. I am a wife, a sister, a daughter, an entrepreneur and I am allowed to be sexy.”


Shay Mitchell called out a mom-shamer in her Instagram comments who criticized her breastfeeding photo shoot.


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@shaymitchell / Via instagram.com

A commenter wrote, “She’s not even looking at the baby, she’s not connected with the baby.” Shay fired back: “I missed the part in the baby books that stated I had to maintain eye contact with my daughter while she feeds rather than capturing an amazing moment we were having. Pls let me know where I can download your parenting manual, I’ll get right on it!”


Julia Stiles responded to people who criticized the way she placed her infant son in his carrier.


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@missjuliastiles / Via instagram.com

“Wow, I didn’t expect that,” she wrote in a subsequent post. “What was supposed to be a shout out of products I like, suddenly becomes an invitation to comment on my baby, and my ability as a mother… I was trying to keep much of my son’s image private, including, I guess, his little feet. And it was just a photo taken at home, not how I normally carry him around.” She then recommended that her haters “try dancing around your living room to a Clash record. It’s way more fun.”

So remember, folks: The next time you’re tempted to become the parenting police, maybe just STFU instead. Peace!

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