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 August 20

by Carolina

Cher looking stylish AF in the early ’70s kicks off this week’s #TBT.


Cher shared this photo of herself and Sonny Bono in the early ’70s, and reminded us that she has always had some amazing style (and doesn’t need a stylist):

No Frills,No Stylist,No Make up person,No
Hair Stylist.Just Bought Same Jeans 50 yrs Later.28 Not 24

Twitter: @cher


Kim Kardashian posted this photo of herself visiting Kourtney at U of A in the late ’90s, and shared how it forever changed her life:


Trixie Mattel shared her old-school photos from the ’90s:


Diego Boneta posted this photo he took as part of a cover story for Essential Homme in 2019:


In celebration of her 33rd birthday, Rumer Willis posted these photos of herself being held as a baby by her famous parents, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, as well as pics of herself as a kid:


In honor of Madonna’s 63rd birthday, Donatella Versace shared this photo of the two of them at the Costume Institute’s exhibition of the fashions of Gianni Versace at the Met in December 1997:


While Joni Mitchell celebrated Madonna’s birthday by posting this photo of the two of them along with Cher (!!!!!) at a party in 1998:

In honor of @Madonna’s birthday, here’s a photo of Joni, @Cher, and Madonna at an Oscars party in 1998.

Photo by Patrick McMullan.

Twitter: @jonimitchell


Mark Hamill shared this behind-the-scenes photo from the set of The Empire Strikes Back:


Paul McCartney posted this photo that his late wife, Linda McCartney, took of him in 1969:


Pink celebrated the 13th anniversary of her single “So What” by sharing this video of herself performing it throughout the years:


Zooey Deschanel used this classic meme from New Girl to describe a recent choice she made:


Catherine Zeta-Jones shared this scene from her 1999 film Entrapment to poke fun of Friday the 13th:


Antonio Banderas posted these photos of himself at a party for his film Desperado at the 1995 Cannes Film Festival:


Kylie Minogue shared some photos that she found of herself from the early ’90s:


Busy Philipps remembered when she did an episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles in 2008, while being super pregnant:


David Beckham celebrated the 25th anniversary of him scoring the iconic goal from the halfway line that helped Manchester United defeat Wimbledon (and change his career) by sharing this clip of it:


And lastly, in honor of Robert Redford’s 85th birthday, Barbra Streisand shared this photo of the two of them taken for their classic 1973 film, The Way We Were:

Nostalgia Trip

Take a trip down memory lane that’ll make you feel nostalgia AF

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