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 May 21

by Carolina

When you achieve a certain level of celebrity, honors will happen. If you are a great actor, you’ll receive an Oscar or an Emmy. If you are a star athlete, you could get a Super Bowl ring or a brief time owning the Stanley Cup. If you are a person who contributed to society, a Nobel Peace Prize or other such recognition can be bestowed upon you. However, there can be no greater honor, no bigger step towards immortality, than getting a sandwich named after you.

Think of it. Whenever someone nourishes themselves with this particular combination of ingredients and flavors, you are not only having the dutiful eater picture you with every bite of the sandwich, associating you with the pleasant experience they are having — they also chose to extend their life, extinguish their hunger, and proceed with their day with you to thank for it. Every bite is an appreciation to you.

Here are some of the sandwiches that bestow this honor amongst the very few:

The Tim Robbins

Sandwiches Named After Celebrities 87927 THE TIM ROBBINS If you order the Shawshank Redemption star's sandwich at Stage Deli in New York, you'll be treated to a tall sandwich piled on with corned beef, turkey, pastrami, roast beef, and Swiss cheese. CRACKED.COM

Source: Delish

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