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 March 3

by Carolina

15 Fit Celebrities To Follow On Instagram For Inspiration

Photo: @jlo / Instagram

You won’t miss a single day at the gym when you follow these celebrities on Instagram for a dose of fitspiration

It’s never too late to get moving. If you feel like you need that extra push to start working out, then maybe you just need the right fitness inspiration. You’ll definitely feel motivated to hit the gym or run on the treadmill once you follow these celebrities who are on the same journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

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If you’re looking for a great yoga inspiration, look no further, as Katrina Razon posts often about her impressive yoga poses and gorgeous travel photos. If you’re interested in taking yoga classes, you can even join one of her Zoom sessions.

Staying fit is a priority for Blackpink’s Jennie Kim as spends her time at the gym daily—and this dedication alone is motivating. This Korean singer has grown to love aerial yoga, a challenging practice despite its relaxing effects, as seen on her multiple posts on Instagram. 

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You know him as the dapper-looking devil in a fresh Burberry suit. But underneath that suit is the fruit of his hard work after doing a narrow grip cable pull—one set out of many to prepare for his role as Lucifer.

Shay Mitchell took her time to indulge in “comfort food, [comfortable] clothes and throwing my fitness routine out the window.” But she also learned to encourage herself to work out. And in just four weeks, Shay was able to achieve her fitness goals! This great balance of self-awareness and self-love is the kind of healthy content you should definitely have on your feed.

Korean model Han Hye-jin keeps herself flexible and slim by keeping a strict diet and consistently working out at the gym. Not only does she practice the usual stretches, but she even lifts weight. Oftentimes, her workout gets a tad bit hardcore which ultimately helps her stay slim.

If you’re a gymnast enthusiast, then Carlos Yulo needs to be on your following list. A Gen T honouree, Carlos has earned various awards—including the country’s first gold in international gymnastics. 

At 51 years old, Jennifer Lopez is still lifting weights at the gym. Which only shows why after all these years, this singer and actress still looks gorgeous as seen during her recent appearance at the Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show shows.

Apart from Nico Bolzico’s hilarious #BulliedHusbandClub series, this celebrity is on his A-game when it comes to fitness. Nico and Erwan even started the REBEL App, which can make fitness easy for those who want to be healthier.

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Solenn Heussaff recently posted a new photo of herself seated on a gym mat with an inspiring caption. It seems she’s not only motivated to achieve her own goals as she wishes the same for her followers. Solenn is deadset on leading by example—a great quality you would want to see on a fitness role model.

This Korean actor likes to keep himself fit by spending most of his time by the ocean. This is because Gong Yoo loves to surf.

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Kate Hudson has always been a fitness enthusiast, even while taking care of her three kids. In 2018, Kate got candid by posting an Instagram photo showing her mom bod and an inspiring caption for moms who are trying their best to focus on health and wellness. Since then, her journey has been an inspiration to many.

We’ve seen Halle Berry star in many action movies, from Kidnap to Catwoman, and she stuns us every time. She often shares her fitness tips on Instagram that can be helpful especially for those who would like to maintain a workout regimen.

Gen T honouree Ramona Pascual is a professional MMA fighter. Even after dealing with knee trouble, this impressive fighter went on to enter the cage and win against Yulia Kutsenko from Russia. Now, she continues to amaze us with her fitness content on the gram. 

Hard training isn’t new to this real-life wonder woman. Catch some of her fitness posts on her Instagram, including her training for the movie Wonder Woman. Apart from working out at the gym, Gal also spends her time biking! 

Zac Efron has proven himself a jack of all trades; apart from acting, singing and dancing, he has participated in many sports including rock climbing and surfing. It seems he’s able to do so by dedicating most of his time at the gym.

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