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 October 1

by Carolina

Tattoos are a funny thing. For some people, they are symbols representing something that is meaningful to their lives, whether it has to do with their fandoms, religion, family, friends, an important trip, or a tradition that impacts their day-to-day existence. Or they can just be art on a person’s body that they just like. Unless for some reason, SpongeBob SquarePants eating a breakfast burrito has a deep meaning to someone.

For celebrities, tattoos can be a gamble. For actors, they’re something they have to cover up for most roles. For people of note, they can represent their values. For musicians, they can be… well, whatever. Hell, maybe a SpongeBob SquarePants tattoo of them eating a breakfast burrito reminds them of a song they wrote. Who knows?

We do. Well, maybe. If the celebrity cared to tell us. Here’s a list of celebrity tattoos and what they mean to the celebrity (if applicable).

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