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 October 18

by Carolina

If you’re a top-tier football player in the NFL, you’re likely in the headlines already. Names such as Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes are huge celebrities in their own right, as they’ve landed acting roles, video game covers, and more thanks to their skills on the football field.

To go along with landing acting roles and headlines, some football players have landed some celebrities as their partners as well. In some cases, the relationship worked out well, and the celebrity and the football player are still together. However, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for players once they’re off the gridiron.

10/10 Travis Kelce – Kayla Nicole

© Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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News: The 2018 ESPYS-Red Carpet

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Travis Kelce is one of the greatest tight ends in NFL history. The Kansas City Chief star has had a complicated relationship past and even had a reality show on E, dubbed ‘Catching Kelce’, where contestants competed for a date with him.

While no long-term relationship came out of the show, Kelce did date actress and social media influencer Kayla Nicole for five years. The two reportedly split earlier this year, and apparently, it wasn’t on good terms, as the influencer has taken shots at her former partner on social media.

9/10 Eric Decker – Jessie James

© Eric P Kruszewski for USA TODAY

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Eric Decker - Jessie James

© Eric P Kruszewski for USA TODAY

Eric Decker was a solid player who didn’t seem to always get his due in the NFL. Despite not making any Pro Bowl or All-Pro teams, the wide receiver played for nine seasons and put up some insane numbers playing for the Denver Broncos and New York Jets.

Off the field, Decker seems to be doing well, as in 2013, he married country singer Jessie James. The two are still together nine years later and have had three children together.

8/10 Colin Kaepernick – Nessa Diab

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Colin Kaepernick - Nessa Diab

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Colin Kaepernick is a controversial figure on and off the football field. Early in his career, he seemed to be a future star, as he led the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl. However, his advocacy and inconsistent play saw him out of the league in 2017.

In regard to his relationship status, Kaepernick has been dating television personality, and podcast host, Nessa Diab since 2015. The pair had their first child earlier this year.

7/10 Tony Romo – Jessica Simpson

Tony Romo
© Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Romo’s NFL run was a bit of a mixed bag. In terms of individual performance, the Cowboys quarterback had great moments and stats. However, he seemingly was unable to get over the hump, and win when it mattered most.

In November 2007, Romo began dating singer Jessica Simpson. The relationship was a high-profile one that lasted for nearly two years but ended in 2009. It appears that Simpson has a type as well, as five years after leaving Romo, she married former NFL tight end, Eric Johnson.

6/10 Russell Wilson – Ciara

© Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

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Russell Wilson - Ciara

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While Russell Wilson might not be the most beloved guy right now due to his poor performance as a Denver Bronco, he’s still a huge star in the NFL and a former Super Bowl champion. Not long after entering the league in 2014, he divorced his high school sweetheart.

A few months later, Wilson began dating singer Ciara. The two became engaged the following year, and have been in a high-profile relationship ever since.

5/10 Tim Tebow – Olivia Culpo

© Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

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NFL: AFC Wild Card Playoff-Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos Tim Tebow

© Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

For better or worse, Tim Tebow is one of the biggest names to ever step onto the football field. His college career was legendary, and his professional career even had some moments, such as his inspiring 2011 season where he took the Denver Broncos to the playoffs.

In 2015, while the quarterback was trying to revive his football career, he was dating model and influencer Olivia Culpo. The two only dated for a few months, as the latter moved on to dating former Patriot Danny Amendola.

4/10 Reggie Bush – Kim Kardashian

© John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

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Reggie Bush - Kim Kardashian

© John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Speaking of legendary college football players, Reggie Bush was seemingly unstoppable during his time at USC. While his NFL career was lengthy and decent, he didn’t seem to have that electric burst that he had in college.

When Bush first got into the NFL, he dated model, actress, and influencer Kim Kardashian. The two dated from 2007 to 2010 and even had a high-profile breakup. Bush is no stranger to dating celebrities, as he also dated former WWE wrestler Eve Torres in college.

3/10 Jay Cutler – Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari
George Walker IV / Tennessean.com, Nashville Tennessean via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Jay Cutler was repeatedly accused of not caring and being lazy during his NFL career. The reason was that the Chicago Bears quarterback seemed a bit distant, and quiet around teammates and the media. That reputation led fans to be shocked when he began dating fashion designer Kristin Cavallari in 2010.

The two became married in 2011, and had a very publicized relationship, as they also starred on the reality show ‘Very Cavallari’. The two had three children together but were officially divorced earlier this year.

2/10 Aaron Rodgers – Multiple Celebrities

aaron rodgers 2011
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Rodgers is one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, and there isn’t much argument around it. Off the field, he’s become a bit of a controversial figure thanks to his political and spiritual beliefs. However, there’s no doubt that he’s caught the eye of many celebrities.

In his NFL career, Rodgers has dated many big names. From 2014 to 2017, he dated actress Olivia Munn. The following year, he began dating Nascar driver Danica Patrick, whom he was with until 2020. From 2020 to 2022, Rodgers dated actress Shailene Woodley.

1/10 Tom Brady – Gisele Bundchen

© Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

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Tom Brady - Gisele Bundchen

© Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

While the greatest quarterback in NFL history, Tom Brady is also one-half of the most known celebrity relationship in sports. In 2006, the quarterback began dating model and businesswoman Gisele Bundchen. The two were married three years later.

Over the last few years, there’s been a reported decay in their marriage, with Bundchen reportedly wanting Brady to retire. Given recent reports that the two are getting a divorce, it seems that the quarterback will never retire.

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