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 October 15

by Carolina

Whether you love it or hate it, South Park has been going strong since its premiere in 1997 due to its eagerness to satirize almost anything under the sun. One of the most frequent targets of their mockery, however, have been celebrities who have been mercilessly skewered by series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone on countless occasions. After all, who could forget Kanye West’s “Fishsticks” episode, the Caitlyn Jenner subplot, or the whole Tom Cruise trouble surrounding the show’s mocking of the Church of Scientology?

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Throughout South Park’s long run of celebrity scandals and star-laden controversies though, there have been plenty of times when Hollywood’s finest have appeared as guest stars on the series. From music acts to comedic cameos, and even to a certain A-list actor appearing as Stan’s gay dog, these are the guest stars who had us laughing until our stomachs ached.

Malcolm McDowell as A British Person/Narrator

While it’s not overly crude or particularly complex, season five’s “Pip” stands as one of the most contentious and obscure episodes of South Park to date. A comical retelling of Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations, South Park’s English exchange student Pip was the only character from town to appear in the episode with Malcolm McDowell featuring as “A British Person,” the otherwise unnamed narrator.

His comedic timing, witty narration, and the fact that he made a live-action appearance make McDowell one of the show’s more memorable guest stars. This feat is made all the more impressive given the episode itself was met with mixed reviews and is remembered as one of the few episodes to have missed its mark.

Cheech and Chong as Cherokee Herbalists

Season four’s “Cherokee Hair Tampons” marked something of a significant return for cannabis-loving comedian duo Cheech & Chong after a contentious split in the 80s. They voiced a pair of supposed Native Americans who worked with Miss Information in a new holistic medicine store in town which takes off after Kyle’s mum speaks of the wonders it had done for her boy.

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While the residents of South Park become enamored with the holistic healing craze, it’s Cheech & Chong’s characters who finally reveal the truth, that they’re actually Mexicans and Kyle needs to be rushed to the hospital. The cameo appearance was not only hilarious, but it also played an essential role in their eventual reunion, even if they had to record their lines separately at the time.

Korn as Korn

With pirate ghosts and the mystery of Kyle’s grandma’s missing corpse, the aptly named season 3 episode “Korn’s Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery” had plenty of craziness even before the nu-metal pioneers entered the fray. Venturing to South Park to participate in the ‘Halloween Haunt’, the band members play themselves as a hilarious parody of Mystery Inc. from Scooby-Doo.

The animation style, incidental mishaps, and the way the mystery unfolds masterfully mock the Scooby-Doo cartoons and saw Korn win over plenty of new fans with their willingness to laugh at their own expense. The episode also saw them debut ‘Falling Away from Me’ which went on to be their biggest hit.

Robert Smith as Himself

“Mecha-Streisand,” the 12th and penultimate episode of South Park’s first season, had no qualms about making fun of celebrities, with Barbra Streisand the butt of most of the jokes. By the end of the episode, she has attained the ‘Diamond of Pantheos’ and transformed into Mecha-Streisand, a giant robotic terror destroying the town.

With no other options, Chef (Isaac Hayes) and the boys contact Robert Smith of The Cure to help out, which he does by transforming into a giant moth creature and saving the day. The collaboration fulfilled a dream for Trey Parker, who remains a die-hard fan of The Cure while also making for one of the best moments of the first season.

Bill Hader as Alec Baldwin

A comedic legend in his own right, Bill Hader has made plenty of significant contributions to South Park with his multiple appearances as a guest star. His most memorable of which came in season 17’s first episode, “Let Go, Let Gov,” in which he voices Alec Baldwin.

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After falling victim to a publicity scandal due to his “homophobic thumbs” misrepresenting him on Twitter, the actor agrees to endorse ‘Shitter,’ a social media device that audibly broadcasts users’ thoughts straight to the internet. Needless to say, hilarity ensues with Hader nailing his performance and solidifying his claim as one of the series’ greatest guest stars.

Elton John, Ozzy Osborne, Meat Loaf, Joe Strummer, DMX, Rick James, Devo, Rancid, Ween, and Primus as Themselves

The season two episode “Chef Aid” saw the boys hold a benefit concert to help their friend Chef after he was imprisoned following a dispute with a record company. It turns out, they can gather one hell of an ensemble with rock stars, rap gods, and pop idols coming out to lend their support to the school cook.

From Elton John singing Stan’s song ‘Wake Up Wendy’ to Ozzy Osborne biting Kenny’s head off, the episode is jam-packed with gags which left fans of all music genres in hysterics. The episode also spawned an album ‘Chef Aid: The South Park Album’ with many of the artists who made cameos in the episode appearing on it.

Radiohead as Radiohead

“Scott Tenorman Must Die” still stands as one of the most shockingly heinous and hilarious episodes of South Park – or sitcom for that matter – ever made. Enraged at falling victim to a prank, Cartman vows to get revenge on eighth grader Scott Tenorman and goes so far as to have his parents killed and cooked into a chilly which she feeds Tenorman at a cook-off.

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The icing on the cake is he even goes so far as to orchestrate it so Scott’s favorite band, Radiohead, arrives to see him crying. While their appearance was only brief, seeing them ridicule Tenorman brought one last suitably sadistic twist to the episode which left fans of the series howling with laughter.

Jennifer Aniston as Miss Stevens

Given her enduring fame as a versatile comic actress, it can be easy to forget that in 1999 Jennifer Aniston was simply known as Rachel from Friends. With that in mind, her appearance as Miss Stevens – the leader of the ‘Getting Gay with Kids’ environmentalist choir tour – in the season three premiere “Rainforest Shmainforest” was eye-opening, to say the least.

Starting the episode as a devout environmentalist wanting to educate the boys on the wonders of nature, her joyful opinion of the rainforest changes quite dramatically as the episode goes on. Her profanity-riddled rant which targets anything and everything rainforest-related was a severe change of pace for the actress, but one which left viewers with tears streaming down their faces.

Sia as Lorde

One of South Park’s greatest-ever subplots came in the season 18 episode “The Cissy” in which it was revealed Randy Marsh had been leading a double-life as New Zealand songstress Lorde. Not only did it give us yet another hilarious example of Randy being in the limelight, but it also led to ‘Push.’

South Park has been no stranger to satirical, hilarious, and even surprisingly good musical numbers throughout its run, but ‘Push’, a perfect parody of pop songs, is one of the show’s very best largely due to Sia lending her singing talents to it. She didn’t confirm that it was her until a year after the episode aired, but Lorde responded positively to the episode.

George Clooney as Sparky and Doctor Gouache

A long-time fan and supporter of Parker and Stone’s comedy, George Clooney helped the duo’s first-ever joint creation, 1995’s The Spirit of Christmas, become a viral hit. Needless to say, when he caught wind of South Park, he was eager to help the creators out by lending his name to the show’s fourth-ever episode “Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boat Ride”.

In a hilarious casting decision, Clooney voiced Stan’s pet dog, Sparky, lending his voice acting talents to a series of barks and yelps. Clooney got a more formal guest appearance later on as the voice of Dr. Gouache in the film South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.


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