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 November 22

by Carolina

Car modification is one of the best hobbies that many enthusiasts around the world collectively engage in. From people with little money to the very rich, everyone likes to put on some touch of personality to their car to make it their own and stand out from the rest. Since many people have a limited budget that must be followed to the letter, we can’t make many mistakes when going for car mods. As a result, we first spend a lot of time researching the best mods for our cars and even look up to the rich celebrities who would easily get the mods and show us what works best. However, not all celebrities are good with car mods, and so we need to stay aware of them so they do not mislead us. Although these celebrities are good with their professions and have achieved stardom, they tend to turn good sports cars into disasters on four wheels.

We’re sorry, your favorite celebrity might not be so good with modding their cars. They should probably leave it to the professionals. But hold on, as you will soon find out, even professionals hired by celebrities are what at doing the job. Let’s find out who these celebrities are and see what they did to deserve being the worst ten celebrities who modded their cars.

Dennis Rodman’s 1996 Hummer H1


Nickname: The Worm. Rodman was one of the most menacing rebounders and defensive players of his time. The NBA star played with the Spurs, Pistons, Lakers, Mavericks and won 3 championships with The Bulls. However, his skills on the pitch do not reflect in his choice of car modifications. What he did to his Hummer H1 was a pure abomination.

We get it; you want to attract ladies into your car. But is painting nude ladies on the car’s body the best way to go about it? Well, maybe that was him being young and expressive. We hope that he got wiser with age and would resent such a decision now, as many young players look up to him.

Jake Paul’s Distracting Ford Focus

Jake Paul - Ford Focus
Via Pinterest

Jake Paul’s career picked up relatively smoothly; many would dream of such success. Initially a professional boxer and actor, he got into Youtube, and his channel subsequently blew up. Although some professional boxers might think his boxing is not worthy of much praise, our real conflict point is his car modding decisions.

via Pinterest

Jake successfully made a Ford Focus distracting. He applied a body wrap with almost every color in the spectrum and named it the ‘Rainbro Scheme.’ Being a rich Youtuber, he gave it away to a fan, which we hope got rid of that ridiculous wrap.

Hulk Hogan’s 1994 Dodge Viper RT/10

Hulk Hogan’s Dodge Viper at a show

Terry Eugen Bollea’s days as a wrestler with WWE are long over, but he is not done being a big-time television personality. In the ring, he was flamboyant and always sent his beloved fans, the Hulkamania, into a frenzy. But perhaps most of his gearhead fans were not impressed when he brought this flamboyance outside the ring.

Hulk Hogan’s Dodge Viper
Orlando Weekly

He placed a giant sticker reading ‘Hulkster’ on the hood of his Dodge Viper that didn’t sit well with the aesthetics. The paint job on the car didn’t reflect its ferocious racing abilities. Thankfully, Hulk Hogan donated it to charity, regaining respect from motorheads around the world.

Zach Randolph’s Donked Out 1975 Impala

via Miami Valley Taxidermy

Another NBA star on the list, not surprisingly, is it? The power forward and center made a name for himself as one of the best in the game for over 10 years during his time. After retirement, the 10,000-points-6’9″ star had enough time to show off in his vast car collection consisting of a Phantom, a Maybach, and a number of classic Chevrolet Impalas.

via pinterest.com

The star loves his collection, but many fans question the most preposterous item in the collection, a 1975 Chevy Impala. To be fair, for a guy his height, he might find it easier to get into a car that’s not as close to the ground as most do. Many celebs are into making unique mods for their cars, but this one sits above the rest in whimsicalness

Darren McFadden’s Disastrous 1972 Buick Centurion

via Celebrity Carz

In an NFL round-up of superstar running back GOATs, it would be unlikely to hear the names Jim Brown, Barry Sanders or Walter Payton. Darren McFadden made a name for himself comparable to these said greats in his days with the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders.

via California Wheels

While among pundits he may not sit high as a contender for the best, he surely sits high in his highly modded 1972 Buick Centurion. McFadden spent what other celebs on this list would call tall money to customize this Buick complete with a booming sound, a suspension kit, and custom rims. This hideous celebrity mod car raises the bar for how bad mods can be.

Justin Bieber’s Chrome Fisker Karma

Justin Bieber’s Chrome Fisker Karma

Justin Bieber is one of the most famous people worldwide, and his fame has brought him great fortune so he can have any car he likes. He has a massive car collection featuring some of the most sensational and desired sports cars on the planet. However, we can pick at least three that draw negative attention in the public because they are eye soar.

via motor1

One such car is his Fisker Karma, which he got as a gift on the Ellen Show. Later he had it wrapped in chrome, so it would be easier to spot the star on the road. While his beautiful music is a gift that shines in our souls, this shiny chrome burns our eyes, and we believe only a teenager or a little kid would drive around in such.

Nicki Minaj’s Pink Aventador

via ytimg

By now, Nicki has said countless legendary things in her lyrics, including rapping about cars, and we love to see it. She reminds us that while some of us common folk have to rent a Lambo to have a chance of knowing what it feels like, she can paint one of hers pink for a photo session only. Or she can buy another Lambo only to race with Chyna.

Nicki Minaj’s Pink Lamborghini Aventador

But you can be a typical renter of a Lamborghini and still tell if a paint job looks okay. The pink alloys on her pink Aventador do not bring out that supercar feeling. Admittedly some die-hard fans support her no matter what and believe this looks cool, but not for us.

Chris Brown’s Tasteless Lamborghini Gallardo

via pinterest

Over the years, Chris Breezy has had many collaborations with Nicki Minaj, making beautiful music together. But then you wonder if they both influenced each other to turn beautiful-looking cars into horrible ones. Chris’ love for Lamborghinis is famous in many of his songs. Fans are proud of his successes, but at times are disappointed in his car-modding skills.

via Drivetribe

Looking at such a horrible Lambo, you would think a DIY teen did it unsupervised with leftover paint from painting his newborn baby brother’s room. You would be surprised to learn that West Coast Customs hooked Chris up with this hideousness and were very proud of it.

Deadmau5’s Nyan Cat Ferrari

via motor1

Mainly known for his electronic and house music, this producer/artist also has a famous love for cars. In 2013, he bought a $300,000 Ferrari 458 Spyder, then proceeded to wrap it in a Nya cat-themed wrap. To him, it sounded cute to name it ‘Purrari,’ but not to most of his fans or people who saw it on the road.

via moejackson.com

This bodywork drew attention to Ferrari people, who were dissatisfied with how atrocious it looked. They ordered him to get rid of all the customs he had put on the car, from the wrap to the plate and floor mats. We celebrate Ferrari for being assertive and not allowing this brutal celebrity mod.

Will.I.Am’s Unrecognizable 1958 Volkswagen Beetle

Will.i.Am Volkaswagen bettle blue
via vwvortex.com

Perhaps one of the worst car modding musicians. Justin Beiber and Chris Brown have nothing on this guy when it comes to this segment. The other two merely buy nice cars and ruin them with wraps. But for this guy, he outrightly drives monstrosities. He once took 4 years and a million dollars just to finish a pet project 1958 Volkswagen Beetle that is so ugly that the English don’t have a word to describe it.

Will.i.am - Volkswagen Beetle modification
Via zimbio.com

It should be no surprise that he has in his collection a couple of other annoying and obnoxious vehicles. Obviously, Will.I.Am isn’t the only person with bad taste in vehicles, but today he takes the mantle for the most repulsive cars a celebrity can make.

Ferrari 348

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