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 July 5

by Carolina

There are perks to being a celebrity – fame and a sizeable financial war chest that comes with the purchasing power to buy pretty much any car you want. Of course, some of these celebs don’t care much about cars and will drive whatever gets them from point A to B. However, It is not uncommon to find sports stars, actors, or social media celebs with garages that contain many more cars than they’ll ever need.

For some of these people, it’s not just enough to buy the cars; they have to go the extra length of adding numerous personal touches that give the car its own identity. In some cases, the end results justify the outlay of time, effort, and money, but many other disappointing examples defy any logic or reason.

In this list, you’ll find an eclectic mix of celebrities and their worst and most unusual cars we definitely wouldn’t want to be caught behind the wheel of.

Kim Kardashian – Fluffy Urus

via instagram

Kim, like the rest of her sisters, absolutely loves cars. In June 2021, the reality TV star and businesswoman caused quite a stir when she unveiled a new strategy to market her underwaer brand. Car enthusiasts and we daresay even people outside of the car community, shared a collective gasp of horror at the Lamborghini covered with some sort of fake wool.

via instagram

Kim went all out with this and the material covered not only the exterior but every part of the interior as well. The Urus is an amazing machine with its 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 that puts out well over 600 hp. It would be nice to take one for a spin but not when it looks like this.

Jojo Siwa – Tesla ‘Face Wrap’

via reddit

Jojo Siwa is a celebrity in her own right; one who has cleverly used the tools of social media to project her image, gaining millions of followers and fans in the process. It’s hard not to like her bubbly personality and charm. It’s just her car, the Tesla Model X, that’s got us scratching our heads.

via buzzfeed

The luxury car is completely covered with images of her face. The Model X is practically noiseless and there’s no internal combustion engine to rev up for some attention but then Jojo has sure found a way to make you notice the car wherever it turns up.

Jeffree Star – The Dawn With An Attitude

via youtube

Here’s one star who’s not afraid of bright colors and his garage contains quite a few high-performance machines decked out in bright pink or green. One of his latest acquisitions is this Rolls Royce Dawn that’s been highly customized to the star’s tastes.

via instagram

This time, Jeffree has gone for a shade of yellow and has shown little restraint. Every part of the car has received that color treatment; even the wheels have not been left out. Sure, it all comes down to personal preferences at the end but we’d gladly pass this over for one that’s more conventional-looking.

Chris Brown – Huracan Bling

via pinterest

Chris Brown loves cars and can pretty much afford anyone he wants. What’s also known about him is how he likes to customize his cars; from body kits to outrageous wraps. If you need further proof, look no further than this Huracan, one of the cars in his current collection.

via formacar

The supercar has received a widebody Liberty Walk kit that makes it look even more aggressive and then the drama was further elevated by several notches with a shiny wrap that not only glows but changes color.

Will-I-Am – Tesla Gone Wild

via youtube

Another celebrity who’s well known for being very creative with his cars is Will-I-Am. The American musical artiste has always been open about his love for cars and once entered into a partnership with Chrysler to set up his own car company called IAMAUTO.

via reddit

It’s not clear if that ever materialized but judging by the musician’s personal collection, potential customers might have found his designs a tad over the top. Take this Tesla Model S for example; suicide doors, ‘no-rim’ effect, and a rear end that adds no function and only ends up making the car look rather clumsy.

Ryan Gosling – Low-Key Prius

via flickr

By all standards, Ryan Gosling is a rather successful movie star with a net worth well north of $50 million. You wouldn’t know it though if you were to look at one of his favorite daily drivers – a Toyota Prius.

via wikipedia

Ryan is an advocate for environmentally-friendly cars and this lends some context to his vehicle choice but surely, there are several such cars on the market today with decidedly more upscale designs and features. One thing in the Toyota’s favor though is the fact that it’s the perfect car if you intend to slip under the radar and escape the watchful eyes of hovering paparazzi.

Derrick McFadden – Buick’s Halloween Horror

via californiawheels

This freak show once belonged to the American footballer, Derrick McFadden and we can only wonder what inspired him to conceive this oddball. Did he have a fascination with Barney as a kid? Whatever the case, there’s no excuse for this custom-made 1973 Buick Centurion.

Via: Celebrity Carz

The car sits on ridiculous 32″ wheels and features a custom lift system suspension setup, two-tone leather upholstery, and a premium audio system (of course). It’s an ‘attention grabber’ no doubt but one that we will gladly pass over just to preserve our sanity.

Justin Bieber – Rolls For The Future

via youtube

This one actually started life innocently enough as a luxurious Rolls Royce Wraith that is, until it found its way to Bieber’s personal car collection. The music sensation wasted no time in shipping the car off to West Coast Customs where they proceeded to transform the car into this futuristic piece.

via highsnobiety

The team at the car mod shop literally stripped the car’s shell and fabricated a new one from scratch, complete with those wild wheel covers that make it seem like the car is floating above the tarmac.

Kanye West – Urus Gains A Tan

via cadetailstudio

While his ex-wife decided to transform her Urus into a woolly sheep, Kanye opted for a different route and instead covered his own Lamborghini Urus with a sort of drab tan paint that will leave you completely bemused. He seems to have a thing for that color; it’s one of the prominent shades in his clothing collection.

via cadetailstudio

As if the color was not off-putting enough, Kanye went ahead and added a set of ridiculous polished aluminum wheels to the car. It’s the kind of thing you do when you are bored and have the resources to pretty much do anything you want, including ruining a $200,000 SUV.

Will-I-Am – Bug On Steroids

Via Pinterest

It doesn’t take much to understand why the outlandish celebrity deserves a second spot on this list. Incredibly, this car started out as a classic 1958 VW Beetle though almost every part was stripped away to create this one-of-a-kind build. The project reportedly took the star about 4 years and almost a million dollars to complete.

via gatsbyonline

According to one of the builders, Will kept calling in to suggest modifications to the car which perhaps explains why the car looks like this. It’s hard to understand the logic behind the car but then, it’s almost impossible to find any of Will’s cars that fit a conventional mold.


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