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 April 7

by Carolina

Celebrity reality television shows really have become some of the most popular shows around, giving people around the world the chance to take a peek into the lives of some of the biggest stars of all time. Whether it be the Osbourne family, the Kardashians, or the wrestlers of WWE, there have been plenty of celebrities who got their reality TV stints.

However, for every memorable celebrity reality show, there’s plenty that people have likely forgotten all about. Because there have been so many with different celebrities from all types of entertainment, some will always end up slipping out of memory.

10 Kesha (Kesha: My Crazy Beautiful Life)

Kesha: My Crazy Beautiful Life

Plenty of singers have been given reality shows over the years, and that makes Kesha just one of many that have had this opportunity. Her series was given two seasons, with both taking place in 2013, covering her life at the time both professionally and personally.

While Kesha did go all out during these episodes to provide an honest look at her life, which her biggest fans no doubt appreciated, it wasn’t a show that stuck around or connected enough to be memorable.

9 Peter Andre (Peter Andre: My Life)

Peter Andre is another singer who got to have his own reality series, which came to be after his appearance on the show, I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here. During that show, his relationship with model Katie Price began and led to the two of them having a successful reality show together.

However, a lot of people forget that after their divorce, Peter also continued creating a reality show. Following him after life with Price as he moved on and continued to focus on his children, this wasn’t a bad show by any means, but it has been forgotten about over time.

8 Ice-T (Ice Loves Coco)

Ice Loves Coco

This series was all about showcasing a different side of the popular rapper and actor, allowing fans behind the facade to see what he is truly like. It was firmly focused on him and his wife, with a large emphasis being on her pushing to kickstart a career for herself.

The series did manage to run for three seasons, maintaining the interest of the public until that point, but it did end up fizzling out. Because it wasn’t one of the big hits, it ended up being a forgotten reality series instead.

7 Latoya Jackson (Life With Latoya)

Latoya Jackson in Life With Latoya

The Jackson family is always going to have a lot of interest and speculation about them, purely because of how famous the entire family is. There’s been a lot of ups and downs with them throughout history, and fans got to see more about Latoya within her own reality show.

The show only lasted for one season, not proving popular enough to be kept on the air longer. The premise of this was all about Latoya wanting to showcase her life outside of what her siblings do, all while trying to buy a new house which created the drama throughout the show.

6 Kevin Jonas (Married To Jonas)

Married To Jonas reality show

The Jonas Brothers are a popular music group, but for this reality show, the focus was firmly on the life of Kevin and his venture into married life. For most fans, a reality show about all of the group would’ve been great, which is how this ends up being forgotten all about.

The focal point was on the marriage as Kevin had to balance having new responsibilities with continuing to create music. The show, of course, featured his family at times as well, managing to last two seasons, but it has become a forgotten reality show over time.

5 Jessica Simpson (Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica)

Another reality series that focused on a couple after getting married was Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica, which is another forgotten venture in the reality TV world. While both of them were popular popstars at the time, the show wasn’t able to replicate the success of its two celebrities.

The couple simply wasn’t relatable and didn’t click well together, and the fact they ended up getting divorced wasn’t a huge shock to audiences. Neither of them came out of the show looking good, with this one doing more damage than good to both their careers.

4 Whitney Houston (Being Bobby Brown)

Being Bobby Brown reality show

This reality series was mainly focused on Whitney Houston’s then-husband, Bobby Brown. However, because of their relationship, Whitney ended up being a big part of the show which would only run for a single season.

The series followed their lives over a six-month period, channeling the ups and downs that took place within their family. There was no shortage of drama throughout the series, but it didn’t prove popular enough to be renewed.

3 Nick Carter (House Of Carters)

House Of Carters

Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter getting his own specific reality series was always going to be a bit of a stretch, which is why it’s no surprise most people have forgotten about this show. However, this was one of the most emotional reality shows, which actually had a nice meaning and purpose.

The series was all about Nick reconnecting with his siblings, and they all moved in together in order to make that happen. There were plenty of ups and downs as harsh truths were shared amongst the family members, but ultimately, this show didn’t stand the test of time to be one of the classics.

2 Hulk Hogan (Hogan Knows Best)

Hogan Knows Best - family photo

To Hulk Hogan’s credit, he did jump on the reality show hype back in 2005, which was ahead of many celebrities. However, because he was involved in this world so long ago, a lot of people have forgotten that the legendary wrestler ever had a reality series.

While many wrestlers such as the Bella Twins have since gone on to have major success within the reality TV world, Hogan did technically do it first. However, people now think about Total Divas when it comes to wrestlers in reality television, not the Hulkster.

1 Britney Spears (Britney And Kevin: Chaotic)

Britney And Kevin: Chaotic

That’s right, Britney Spears did have her own reality show during the time she was married to Kevin Federline. Their relationship was a rocky one, and a lot of that was showcased within this series, which was seemingly created to highlight them as a couple.

It provided quite an awkward glimpse into their lives, which didn’t appear to be as happy as people would’ve expected. Because of that, audiences have often forgotten that this show happened, although the two of them did manage to entertain their fans at the time.

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