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 March 12

by Carolina

From Johnny Depp, to Tony Bennett and even Jim Carrey, these celebrities like to use their free time to put paint on canvas.

We think we know celebrities since they make the majority of their lives public knowledge. However, there are many times in which they like to keep things a secret and keep them private, just for themselves. For their lives outside of being a celebrity, they tend to have hobbies that we wouldn’t think they’d have, and it turns out that painting is a very common hobby amongst celebrities.

From Johnny Depp, to Tony Bennett and even Jim Carrey, these celebrities like to use their free time to put paint on canvas and make some beautiful artwork that we’d be so lucky to see. A lot of these celebrity painters are ones you’d never expect, but that’s the beauty of their artwork — you’ll never see it coming.

10 Johnny Depp

johnny depp can paint
via: theblast.com

Johnny Depp might be a very talented actor, but many people might not realize that he’s also a pretty talented artist, as well. Johnny recently showed off some of his work on social media, sharing an unfinished painting of a bottle of wine. According to Johnny, he has been working on the painting for over 14 years.

He started the painting back in 2006 only to stop midway through. Thanks to a very busy schedule, Johnny doesn’t have as much free time as he’d like and cannot focus on painting as much as he would like. Johnny can most likely thank recent lockdowns for free time to pick up his paintbrushes yet again.

9 James Franco

james franco can paint
via: businessinsider.com

Many people don’t realize that actor James Franco has also been an artist for years. James Franco is really into making art in a bunch of different mediums such as photography and video, but he especially enjoys painting. His art has made it into a number of art shows all over the world and even had his art shown in places like Tate Modern in London as well as the MoMA in New York and the Gagosian Gallery in Los Angeles. Additionally, James has a Master of Fine Arts in Directing and Digital Media that also contributes to his artistic success.

8 Ronnie Wood

ronnie wood can paint
via: mirror.co.uk

When you’re a rockstar that’s as famous as the Rolling Stone’s Ronnie Wood, people wouldn’t really think that you’re a painter. Ronnie Wood has been painting since he was a teenager, and his love for art only grew over the years. He attended the Ealing College of Art in London where he learned everything he knows about art. There are a lot of subjects that Ronnie enjoys painting.

He especially loves painting his fellow bandmates as well as other musicians. If he doesn’t feel like painting people, he often goes for landscapes and animals, specifically horses. He’s even released books of his work, one of them being The Rolling Stones’ Set Lists in which fans can purchase and have a piece of Ronnie’s art.

7 Tony Bennett

tony bennett can paint
via: today.com

Tony Bennett has had an extremely successful music career that spans over decades. When he doesn’t feel like getting creative with music, he gets creative with paint instead. Tony Bennett creates art under his given name, Anthony Benedetto, and has been known to make beautiful works of art using regular paints, oil paints, watercolors, and regular sketches. He’s been making works of art for decades now, as he started when he was just a child. Creating works of art is a way for Tony to relax and he certainly enjoys doing it.

6 Lucy Liu

lucy liu can paint
via: hollwoodreporter.com

Lucy Liu has been painting since 1993, and she’s really good at it. Over the years, she’s had her art displayed all over the world. She works with quite a few mediums but definitely favors oil paintings and photography. She lived in New York for most of her life, which is why a lot of her art depicts New York skylines and other elements of the city. She recently had some of her work displayed, an exhibit called “Unhomed Belongings” at the National Museu, of Singapore.

5 Marilyn Monroe

marilyn monroe could paint
via: bestlifeonline.com

Marilyn Monroe is famous for a lot of reasons — acting, modeling, getting romantically involved with JFK, just to name a few things. Many people didn’t realize that Marilyn actually had a knack for painting and drawing. People are always looking to find out more about Marilyn, as there was so much more to her than her public persona. People were surprised to find paintings, drawings, and other sketches by the famous actress. These drawings and paintings prove that there was so much more to Marily than what meets the eye.

4 Joni Mitchell

joni mitchell can paint
via: garage.vice.com

Joni Mitchell is an extremely talented single-songwriter that has talents that span so much further than that. She also has quite the knack for painting as well. In fact, many of her album covers are also painted by Joni herself. Joni tends to focus on self-portraits as well as portraits of others. They’re pretty realistic and you can tell that Joni has spent many years perfecting her craft. Who knew that she had a way with words, music, as well as painting? Not us, that’s for sure.

3 Frank Sinatra

frank sinatra could paint
via: entertainment.ha.com

Frank Sinatra was one of the most legendary singers to ever have a career in the music industry. What people might not realize about old Blue Eyes is that he was also quite the painter. When it came to painting, it was mainly just for fun and so he can relax. Since it was mainly just for fun, nothing was perfect and nothing was ever sold. One thing that he loved to paint a lot of was clowns. He painted a number of different versions of them, and it seemed that that’s what he liked to paint the most.

2 George W. Bush

george w bush can paint
via: cnn.com

Former President George W. Bush has a lot more free time since he’s become a former president, and as a result, he picked up painting as a hobby. It turns out that the former president is pretty decent at painting and even hired a teacher to help him perfect his craft even further. He has a knack for painting portraits and has had a few displayed in his presidential library in Dallas. He’s also released a few books featuring his portraits, one called Portraits of Courage which featured men and women who have served in the US armed forces. His other book, One of Many, One features portraits of immigrants.

1 Jim Carrey

jim carrey can paint
via: news.artnet.com

Jim Carrey is an incredibly talented and hilarious actor, and it might come as a surprise that he’s actually a really talented painter. For years now he’s been focusing on art, specifically painting. He’s had his art shown in a few exhibits but has kept his projects relatively quiet. He did open up about his art in a short documentary called I Needed Color which followed his journey in his studio as he created amazing works of art. After that, people couldn’t stop talking about his paintings, especially the fact that they’re all so incredibly bright and colorful. Jim has a knack for art, and we hope he continues.

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