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 January 20

by Carolina

Whether you’ve had the opportunity to meet your favorite celebrity or not, meeting them, or the thought of meeting them is incredibly exciting.

these celebrities freaked out meeting other celebrities

Whether you’ve had the opportunity to meet your favorite celebrity or not, meeting them, or the thought of meeting them is incredibly exciting. There are many ways that celebrities are just like us — they’re oftentimes big fans of other celebrities for starters. Because of this, these celebrities tend to freak out when they meed their own favorite stars. It really shows how human they really are, and that they’re just like us.

From some big celebrities like Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, and even Cardi B, these stars freaked out when they had the opportunity to meet their favorite celebrities. We love to see their reactions and think it is so endearing that they have the opportunity to do so. It’s quite a reminder that there are many celebrities out there who are just like us.

10 Camila Cabello Meets Emilia Clarke

camila cabello freaked out over emilia clarke
via: pinterest.com

Camila Cabello wasn’t afraid to show her love for Emilia Clarke when she first met her. The two were appearing on an episode of The Graham Norton Show when they met, and Camila absolutely freaked out. She was so starstruck to see Emilia that she bent down on one knee as if she were a real-life queen. The two took a picture together and Camila posted it to her Instagram telling her fans that of course, she bent the knee for the Game of Thrones queen.

9 Billie Eilish Meets Justin Bieber

billie eilish freaked out meeting justin bieber
via: buzzfeed.com

Billie Eilish has been a huge fan of Justin Bieber since she was a little girl — we’ve even seen pictures of a young Billie with posters of Justin all over the walls of her childhood bedroom. Billie’s dreams came true when she finally got to meet Justin at Coachella in 2019. When the two officially met, Billie lost her cool, naturally.

Not only did she get to take a picture with Justin, in which you could see how excited and happy she was, but she also hugged him like the two were very old friends. After they officially met, Billie couldn’t help but gush about meeting her favorite celebrity, and that it was a dream come true for her for sure.

8 Adam Scott Meets Mark Hamill

adam scott freaked out meeting mark hamill
via: twitter.com/nemoartworx

Growing up, Adam Scott was a huge fan of Star Wars. He was such a huge fan that as a child, he invited Mark Hamill to his birthday party. Of course, Mark Hamill never showed up, but he finally got his wish to meet the man that played Luke Skywalker. When Adam was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, that dream was made a reality on May the Fourth aka Star Wars Day. In the middle of Adam sharing his story, Mark Hamill walked out on stage. Adam couldn’t believe that his childhood idol was standing in front of him. He was shocked and his hands were even shaking!

7 Tiffany Haddish Meets Oprah

tiffany haddish freaks out meeting oprah
via: mashable.com

Ever since Tiffany Haddish was a little girl, she was a huge fan of Oprah. She loves Oprah so much that she even dreamt of opening a booth at a farmers’ market called Tiff and O’s Vegetables, and that she wishes she could be close enough with Oprah that she could refer to her as Auntie O. When Tiffany was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show she was shocked when Ellen had Oprah appear on the show just to meet her. She completely lost her composure, crying and hugging Oprah when she approached her. You could see just how much Tiffany loves Oprah, that’s for sure!

6 Adele Meets Beyoncé

adele freaked out meeting beyonce
via: news.yahoo.com

Adele has an extraordinary voice and is considered royalty in her own right. Adele doesn’t consider herself that way, not in the same way that she looks up to Beyoncé. For a long time, Adele has loved Beyoncé, so much so that she absolutely freaked out when the two finally got to meet for the first time. Adele shared that when she first found out she was going to meet Beyoncé for the first time that she had a full-blown anxiety attack. On top of that, when she finally met her, she couldn’t stop gushing praises all over Beyoncé.

5 Jennifer Garner Meets Julie Andrews

jennifer garner freaked out meeting julie andrews
via: popsugar.com.au

Jennifer Garner absolutely lost her mind when she had the opportunity to talk to her favorite actress, Julie Andrews. It is well known how much much Jennifer loves Julie Andrews, so much so that friend Katie Couric asked Julie to give Jennifer a call. When Jennifer unknowingly got the phone call, she couldn’t help but absolutely fangirl over the phone.

After the call took place, she posted a series of photos on her Instagram showing the many emotions that she went through while on the phone with her idol and we absolutely love the insane roller coaster of emotions that she went through talking to her. When it comes to celebrity super fans, Jennifer is way up there.

4 Emilia Clarke Meets Matt LeBlanc

emilia clarke freaked out over matt leblanc
via: kisssudbury.com

Emilia Clarke absolutely lost it when she appeared on an episode of The Graham Norton Show where she sat alongside her childhood crush, Matt LeBlanc, aka Joey Tribbiani from Friends. When the two were being interviewed, she couldn’t help but erupt in a fit of giggles, her blush on her cheeks very evident that her childhood crush on the actor still lingered quite a bit. She also couldn’t help but ask if Matt could say his trademark phrase from Friends, and ask her how she’s doin’? Matt, of course, obliged and it definitely made Emilia’s day, that’s for sure.

3 Cardi B Meets Lady Gaga

cardi b freaked out meeting lady gaga
via: insider.com

When Cardi B met Lady Gaga for the first time, she was absolutely starstruck. Cardi B has shared that when she was a teenager Lady Gaga made a huge impact on her life, saying that the singer inspired her to be her own person. As a result, thanks to Gaga, Cardi became the person that we know and love today. The two finally met at the 2019 Grammy awards where Cardi couldn’t help but freak out about meeting her idol. Of course, she had to share it on social media too!

2 Ariana Grande Meets Jim Carrey

ariana grande freaked out meeting jim carrey
via: people.com

Ariana Grande has said many times that growing up, one of her celebrity crushes was none other than Jim Carrey. When she had the opportunity to appear on Jim’s show Kidding, of course, she said yes. When she finally got to meet him, the two took an adorable photo together, which Ariana posted on her Instagram. She wrote an adorable caption, gushing over how meeting Jim was one of the best moments ever. “I’ve been staring at my screen and no words do this moment justice. thankful for the most special experience of my life. Nothing is crazier than getting to work with and spend time with someone whom you’ve idolized and adored since before you could speak,” she wrote.

1 Sarah Hyland Meets Joaquin Phoenix

sarah hyland freaked out meeting joaquin phoenix
via: insider.com

When Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland first met one of her favorite actors, Joaquin Phoenix, she absolutely lost her mind when she saw him. After the Golden Globes, the two attended the same afterparty. When they were walking the red carpet not far from each other, Sarah soon realized and that’s when her meltdown ensued. She literally bowed down at his feet, making for a series of hilarious photos in which Joaquin looked mildly uncomfortable. Sarah didn’t seem to mind, as she got to meet one of her favorite actors.

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