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 July 13

by Carolina

It’s definitely not something that we really think about, but have you ever wondered what it’s like to live next to a celebrity? Who are their neighbors? Are they famous too? Well, you’d might be surprised to find out that there are plenty of celebs out there who are next-door neighbors to other celebs.

Although they might live in luxurious homes and some famouos places, these celebrity neighbors are like anyone else when it comes to sharing things like a fence, and lending a helping hand to their equally famous neighbor whenever they may need it. Celebrity neighbors happen more often than you think they do!

10 Gordon Ramsay & Stevie Wonder

stevie wonder and gordon ramsey
via: instagram.com

Gordon Ramsay and Stevie Wonder might seem like unlikely neighbors as the two are complete opposites. However, Gordon loves having his Los Angeles home next to Stevie. In fact, Gordon’s mom loves it even more.

Gordon moved into the home back in 2011, and Stevie moved in next door not long after. When Gordon’s mom got wind of the new neighbor, she was so excited. She’s a huge fan of Stevie and his music and is always looking to meet him whenever she’s in town visiting Gordon.

9 Dakota Johnson & Jimmy Kimmel

jimmy kimmel and dakota johnson
via: timesofindia.com

Dakota Johnson and Jimmy Kimmel are such close next-door neighbors that she appeared on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! over the fence that they share. During the height of the pandemic when most talk show hosts were video chatting with their guests, Jimmy was able to safely chat with Dakota as they socially distanced over the fence they shared between their homes. The fact that Dakota lived so close to the late-night talk show host really paid off as they were able to have one of the only in-person interviews at the time.

8 Elizabeth Hurley & Hugh Grant

elizabeth hurley and hugh grant
via: instagram.com

We all remember back in the day when Hugh Grant and Elizbeth Hurley dated and sadly broke up. In case you were wondering if they were on good terms or not, they definitely are, as they’re both close friends and neighbors. Even though the two never had children together, they are the godparents of each other’s kids — Hugh is the godfather of Elizabeth’s son Damian, and Elizabeth is the godmother of one of Hugh’s daughters. Being so close to one another as neighbors is extremely helpful. The two are the best of friends these days and are in constant contact — being neighbors is just a bonus.

7 Kendall Jenner & Jimmy Kimmel

kendall jenner and jimmy kimmel
via: instagram.com

When Kendall Jenner purchased Emily Blunt and John Krasinski’s Los Angeles mansion, she didn’t know she would become neighbors with late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. She wanted to break away from her large family and get a place of her own. Although she was previously living in a condo, she decided tha tshe wanted to expand to a bigger home.

In fact, Kendall’s mom, Kris Jenner, was nervous about her moving into a big house all by herself, but she assured her that she would be fine with Jimmy right across the street from her. If she had any problems, she would know exactly who to turn to, that’s for sure.

6 Janet Jackson & Bruce Willis

janet jackson and bruce willis
via: instagram.com

Once upon a time Janet Jackson and Bruce Willis used to be neighbors. Although it’s unclear if the two are still neighbors to this day, they still were at one point. The two used to live in the famous Trump Tower located in Manhattan, New York. Although it’s not clear if they still own their apartments in the Trump Tower, these two were still neighbors at some point. We doubt that they were over each other’s places for dinner very often, but to know that Janet and Bruce were neighbors, is pretty cool.

5 Meryl Streep & Gwyneth Paltrow

meryl streep and gwyneth paltrow
via: instagram.com

Legend Meryl Streep has a pretty famous neighbor herself… Gwyneth Paltrow! Meryl is certainly thankful to have Gwyneth as her neighbor as she had a little mishap on Thanksgiving one year. Apparently, her oven wasn’t willing to cooperate with her when it came to cooking her turkey, and thankfully Gwyneth was there to save the day. Even though Gwyneth wasn’t home at the time, she did the neighborly thing and let Meryl use her oven to finish cooking the rest of her dinner.

4 Sam Smith & Boy George

sam smith and boy george
via: instagram.com

Sam Smith happens to have a very famous neighbor, and it’s none other then the great Boy George. When Sam Smith bought their house in North London, they were lucky enough to be directly next door to Boy George. The two singers have been compared a lot, and now they are closer than ever as next door neighbors. Although they’ve been neighbors for a while now, we’ve yet to find out if they work together on any music. We think it would be cool to hear something from Boy George and Sam Smith, don’t you think?

3 George Clooney & Cindy Crawford

george clooney and cindy crawford
via: instagram.com

Cindy Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber happen to love next door to some famous neighbors — none other than George Clooney and his wife Amal. Out of the many properties both of these couples own, they’re neighbors in New York City as Cindy and Rande own the apartment above George and Amal. The two couples have been known to be friends, so we can only hope that they hang out or go out for dinner one night when they’re both staying in their New York City residences.

2 Matt Damon & Ben Affleck

matt damon and ben affleck
via: instagram.com

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon might be real life best friends, but they’re also real life neighbors, too. The two have been close friends since they were mere children. These days the two are neighbors in the Pacific Palisades district in Los Angeles. The two are happy to be neighbors as they’re now closer than they were as kids, which is great for their own kids as they run around in each other’s backyards. It’s just like old times for Ben and Matt, and we’re so happy that the two best friends are still just as close as they were when they were kids.

1 Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom & Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

katy perry and orlando bloom and prince Harry and meghan markle
via: instagram.com

Power couples Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, along with Price Harry and Meghan Markle are not only good friends but also neighbors. Their homes are located in Montecito, California. Once Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to formally step down from their royal roles the decided to make the move to California, and settled in a home in Montecito. Since becoming neighbors, the two couples have gotten close, and they’ve even gone out on double dates together. We sure hope that their adorable children get to grow up together too.

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