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 July 27

by Carolina

Check the current MLB standings and you’ll find the Boston Red Sox sitting pretty in 1st place of the AL East. Fans of the team are no stranger to this, though, and after having their hearts broken by the Sox too many times, most won’t trust in Sox victories until the umpire calls the final out. Red Sox fandom has always been a wild ride, which is why so many are attracted to the whole team culture – including, as it turns out, tons of celebrities.

You can always count on seeing a familiar face at Fenway Park as movie stars and singers frequently don Sox gear to root for the home team. It takes some pretty thick skin to be utterly devoted to such an unpredictable team, so we have to hand it to these 10 celebs who are longtime residents of Red Sox Nation.

10 Ben Affleck

You had to have a hunch about who would be at the top of our list of celebrity Red Sox fan. Ben Affleck is so Boston, he’s basically the honorary mayor – in fact, he could probably run for real mayor and win. He’s such a big Boston fan, in fact, he even refused to wear a Yankees hat for Gone Girl. Now that’s a true fan.

9 Matt Damon

Of course where Ben Affleck goes, Matt Damon isn’t far behind. The movie star grew up in Cambridge and attended Harvard, where he wrote the screenplay for Good Will Hunting as an exercise for an English class. He’s a lifelong Sox fan and even narrated the commemorative DVD release of the Red Sox winning the 2007 World Series.

8 Mark And Donnie Wahlberg

Mark and Donnie Wahlberg are almost synonymous with Boston at this point. The brothers, 2 of 7 children, were born and raised in Dorchester. Donnie Wahlberg celebrated his New Kids on the Block reunion at Fenway Park in 2017. The following year, Mark bet A-Rod the Sox would sweep the Yankees; he was right, and A-Rod had to spend a day serving burgers at Wahlburger’s Fenway location.

7 Denis Leary

Denis Leary, born in Worcester, once told Seth Meyers about an emotional Red Sox moment he shared with his son. When the Sox won the 2003 World Series, Denis Leary teared up thinking about how his dad and uncles, all Irish immigrants, had died without seeing Boston take home the trophy. He became emotional and hugged his son, grateful for the bonding experience they shared.

6 John Krasinski

The Office star John Krasinski grew up in Newton where he watched the Red Sox faithfully throughout his childhood. He recounts his excitement when the team won the 2004 World Series. Though he was in New York at the time, he had his face painted and was wearing a Red Sox flag as a cape, and got in trouble with a bartender for dancing on a bar. The bartender apparently hadn’t gotten the memo: when you break an 86-year curse, you’re allowed to dance on anything you want.

5 Christie Brinkley

Supermodel and icon Christie Brinkley is another Red Sox fan (if you’re too young and you don’t know who Christie Brinkley is, go ask your dad). She can frequently be found at Fenway Park, sitting in the owners’ seats or right on top of the home team’s dugout.

4 Maria Menounos

After undergoing brain surgery for a cancerous tumor, Maria Menounos threw out the first pitch at a Red Sox game in 2017, jumping for joy out of the thrill of the moment. She also launched her concessions stand, Maria’s Greek Kitchen, on Yawkee Way at Fenway Park that year, where you can enjoy the Greek recipes passed down through her family.

3 Kenny Chesney

If you couldn’t tell from his song “Boston,” Kenny Chesney is a big fan of the city, and shows it by attending Red Sox home games frequently. When asked what he loves about it, he was quick to respond: “The heart. Passionate people who really care, who really dig in. Everyone I’ve ever met works hard, takes real pride in what they do and plays with the same kind of passion.”

2 Tom Brady

The only obstacle to the Red Sox being the #1 most beloved sports entity in New England was Tom Brady, and now that the 7-time Superbowl champion is out, New Englanders can really devote all their love and attention to the good old boys of summer.

1 Seth Meyers

Born and raised in Bedford, New Hampshire, SNL alum and late night host Seth Meyers is another lifelong Sox fan. While talking to Red Sox legend David “Big Papi” Ortiz on his show a few years ago, he said, “The 2004 Red Sox are the most important team in my life.” We’re with you, Seth.

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