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 July 29

by Carolina

SNOW HILL – County officials approved plans for a helicopter to land at the Worcester County Recreation Center during a celebrity basketball event next month.

The Worcester County Commissioners unanimously approved a request from a local bodyguard for an Army National Guard Blackhawk helicopter to land at the recreation center Aug. 28.

Kelly Rados, the county’s director of recreation and parks, presented the commissioners this week with a request from local bodyguard Adriano “Bubba” Almony to have a helicopter land at the recreation center during Almony’s Celebrity Charity Basketball Game on Aug. 28. The game is meant to raise awareness and proceeds for cancer, bullying and mental health.

Commissioner Josh Nordstrom asked why a helicopter was involved in the event.

“He is partnered with the Army National Guard and they’re doing a lot of fanfare before the event, leading up to the actual basketball game.” Rados said. “It’s just a request that he put in that he thought would help attract other people.”

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She added that one of the players that had ties to the military would likely arrive on the helicopter.

“It’s also a good recruiting tool,” Commissioner Bud Church said.

Nordstrom said he wanted to make sure there wasn’t any danger to anyone during the event.

Rados said her department would work with the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office and the Maryland State Police to designate the landing site and set up safety precautions.

“We have reserved all the baseball fields so there will be nothing else going on outside,” Rados said.

The event is set for Saturday, Aug. 28 at the Worcester County Recreation Center. According to Almony, a fan-fest will start at noon and the basketball game will begin at 5 p.m.

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